The latest instalment of Doctor Who spin-off The Analysis Bureau brings our heroes face to face with Orson Welles!

The Analysis Bureau: Roseblood will be available from Candy Jar Books in March 2023, featuring cover art by Doctor Who Magazine’s legendary comic strip artist Lee Sullivan and a story written by the series creator, Tom Dexter. The new quick read novel is a sequel to last year’s The Analysis Bureau.

“The reaction we’ve had about the first book,” says Dexter, “centred on the fact that it featured a strong female lead character, who our readers seem to have wholeheartedly embraced, working alongside classic Doctor Who characters such as Professor Travers and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The latest short story takes a new twist, and brings the iconic film actor and director, Orson Welles into the mix.”

Meanwhile, cover artist Lee Sullivan said “it’s lovely to be asked back for another cover in the range and it was great fun trying to capture the air of mystery Orson Welles always seemed to have about him in the art.”

“There’s a famous Spitting Image sketch from years ago,” adds Dexter, “where they basically said that Orson Welles lived his career in reverse, starting with the remarkable success of Citizen Kane and ending with financing being more than scarce for anything he wanted to direct.”

Who is trying to kill famed director Orson Welles? And can the Analysis Bureau save him?

Roseblood takes place immediately after the climax of the first volume, and sees Welles heading for England to stop production of a horror parody of Citizen Kane. However he finds that his past haunting him in a very startling way. The Analysis Bureau step in to not only try to save his life, but also figure out what the connection is to the planet Mars.

Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar says: The Analysis Bureau did exactly what we wanted, launching a spin-off title from our Lethbridge-Stewart books, and has created a team of characters who not only exists in their own universe, but also embrace characters, both human and otherwise from the worlds of Doctor Who, who we have under license. It was only natural to bring them back as soon as we could.”

This new quick read story acts as a bridge between the first volume, and a second book of short stories arriving later this year.


You can pre-order The Analysis Bureau: Roseblood now from Candy Jar Books.


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