The BBC have released interviews with some of the cast and crew from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, check them out below. Featured in the videos are: David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor), Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor), Steven Moffat (writer), Jenna Coleman (Clara) and Joanna Page (Elizabeth I). A new trailer for the special will air on Saturday at 8pm on BBC One (and available worldwide immediately after). For more details visit


For more details visit


  1. Why is Billie always missing from these things? Apart from her name on the poster she is in no promos, no interviews or anything. Something mysterious here, i think!

  2. Re: Anonymous – or she simply declined. Note that Billie no longer has her image on the reissues of the novels and such. And we do not see her face in the earlier trailer. It may simply be that she agreed to appear, but as long as she didn't appear in any promos (perhaps they'd originally intended for her to be uncredited?). We also don't know how much involvement she actually has – she could literally appear in only one scene, and they don't want to overpromote her.

  3. Maybe it has to do with the nature of Billie's role. Some clues (like – the Tenth Doctor being romantically entangled with Elizabeth I, and the appearance of the words 'Bad Wolf') make me think that the Rose we'll see is not the Rose we know. Something like a rogue Rose. They've done a pretty good job so far of keeping things secret.

    And then again, maybe she just doesn't have the time.

  4. Also, it could be the fact her agent is like "Hey, she's 'Billie Piper' from DIARIES fame! We need more money if you're going to use her likeness." And the BBC said 'No Thanks'.

    Of course, it could be down to Billie trying to maintain a distance from that era so that she's not 'type-cast' as Rose (a fear that's overwhelmingly British, best I can tell).

    Either way, you can be assured in the end, it all comes down to money on some level. That's just the nature of the biz. 😉


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