For several years the location for all Dalek prop information has been Dalek6388. Jon Green and Gavin Rymill are the unquestionable experts when it comes to Daleks used in Doctor Who. Now they have a new Dalek documentary series on YouTube, Terry Nation Army!

Terry Nation Army is a six-part documentary series in which some mysteries of classic Doctor Who production featuring the Daleks are uncovered. This new series includes new facts and previously unseen images with the sixth and final instalment of Series One now on YouTube. You can therefore now watch the whole series on YouTube now.

Dalek6388 uncovers the history of Dalek props for Doctor Who from 1963 to their final onscreen appearance in 1988. The site documents every casing which was created for the programme, the individuals who worked on them, the companies that made them, and the events (both on and off screen) in which they were involved. It has also expanded to include the Dalek props used during the modern era of Doctor Who since 2005, those that have appeared in exhibitions, on stage and at the movies.

Terry Nation Army is a fascinating series of six episodes into Dalek prop history. Rarely seen photographs and brand new information are uncovered over the course of this debut series. If you are a fan of Daleks and behind the scenes details then this is the YouTube series for you!

Check out all six episodes of Terry Nation Army Series One below.

Camber’s Dalek Disaster Documentary

Episode One discusses how an epic failure during a location shoot resulted in the construction of an ingenious prop which still survives today. It also reveals a previously unknown fact about the special effects work on The Daleks’ Master Plan.

The Mystery of Terry Nation’s Special Daleks

Episode Two seeks to uncover the true origins of the Supreme Dalek seen in Planet of the Daleks. It is finally revealed how Terry Nation came to own the Dalek and three other movie props. Turns out they were not actually movie Daleks after all!

Shepperton’s Secrets (Making of Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD)

The third episode focuses on the production of the second Dalek movie Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD. For those fascinated by how sets can and have been reused by different productions this is the video for you.

Daleks Invasion Shepperton 1966AD (Making of Daleks Invasion 2150AD)

The story behind the production of Daleks Invasion 2150AD is concluded in the fourth episode. This includes the timeline of a desperate scramble at the end of production to reassemble the set and film some decent Dalek footage.

The Lost COLOUR 1960s Dalek Episodes

The penultimate episode is an extraordinary piece which reveals that the Daleks actually appeared in an episode of another 1960’s science fiction programme. It also uncovers details of the pilot episode of a Dalek spinoff series which Terry Nation tried to launch.

The REAL Story Behind the Dalek Supreme

In the final instalment of Series One of Terry Nation Army the truth behind the peculiar Dalek Supreme seen in Planet of the Daleks is finally revealed. It is a complicated story. If you are intrigued about Dalek colour schemes then this video is a must. Plus there is also a giveaway for new subscribers.

Terry Nation Army is a fantastic series, packed full of information. Check it out on YouTube and subscribe to be informed of Series Two. For more Dalek prop facts check out


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