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Firebox today launches the latest essential accessory for Doctor Who fans; the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control. Launched in conjunction with the Wand Company (visit their website HERE) and BBC Worldwide, it may not sink ships or triangulate the source of ghoulish ghosts, but it is a fully functioning replica and a must-have for aspiring Time Lords everywhere.

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Painstakingly 3D scanned from the original screen-used prop, actually loaned by David Tennant himself, the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control is a faithful clone. Featuring genuine extending action, made using the highest-grade materials and sizing up as a complete 1:1 replica, it looks, feels and works just like the real thing. This advanced, gesture-based universal remote control can be quickly and easily programmed utilising infrared technology to control almost all home entertainment equipment. From iPod docks, TVs and DVD & Bluray players this will gain complete control with a simple flick, twist or tap of the device.


The FX mode plays authentic special effect sounds from the BBC archives of Doctor Who and the bright illuminating tip will light the way no matter which corner of the universe you find yourself in. A die cast metal stand is also included, complete with Gallifreyan text inscription which doubles as a magnet making it the perfect, upright display platform. It also comes in an exquisite protective case to ensure its safe-passage through time and space.

Ben Redhead, buyer at said, “This is a quality, stunning piece of kit and the attention to detail means this is the real deal. The sonic screwdriver is the most iconic and versatile tool this side of Jalian 17, so Doctor Who fans of all ages are in for an absolute treat.”

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Chris Barnardo, Co-founder of The Wand Company says, “Following the incredible success of the Eleventh incarnation and
as a result of quite sensational demand, we decided to create the Tenth
Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control. We’ve crammed this full of
tech, to create a fully-functioning, authentic-looking gesture-based
universal remote that we hope fans will adore.

The Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control is available to pre-order from Firebox for £69.95. Visit The Wand Company website for more details HERE.


  1. Pre-ordered. Bargain. I do hope the finished product is going to be the same shiny aluminum finish that Tennant's sonic has. The matte finish on the prototype looks a tad dull. But they've done a great job so far so we'll see!

  2. Shouldn't it be referred to as the Ninth Doctor's sonic screwdriver?

    The Tenth Doctor only inherited it.

  3. I have a universal remote(11th) and I love it, I don't use it to change the t.v etc, I just sit here making sound effects and giggling, whilst my other half walks past shaking his head 🙂

  4. The Ninth and Tenth Doctor did have different sonics. In the continuity of the show, the one the Ninth used was destroyed in "Smith and Jones" while taking out the Slab. It was replaced at the end of the episode with the Tenth Doctor's sonic, which was used until the Eleventh Hour, when it got blown up attracting the attention of the Atraxi.

    Overall, the Ninth and Tenth Doctor Sonics are very similar, but there are some notable differences:
    1) The ridges toward the bottom are a completely different shape.
    2) The paint style and color are different
    3) The sonic used by the Ninth Doctor was a few different props… The "Aztek," mentioned by another commenter, while not static, did not slide via the buttonplate. Rather, it had to be manually pulled and pushed in and out, as the button was stationary toward the top of the tube with four beveled edges making a little pyramidal button plate that blended into the body. Another version had an 8mm (if I recall correctly) wide slider channel, in which a bulky, pyramid-shapped button plate could slide up & down (the way this sonic does, only far less elegant-looking). This allowed it to be extended while in operation.
    4) There were some (at least one) intermediate sonics–such as the one used in The Runaway Bride–that had a rudimentary slider plate more like this one, but not quite there yet. But in-story, these were still the Ninth sonic. They had just had to re-work some things to keep the prop going until it was ready to be replaced.

    And THAT is the very over-detailed answer to a simple question! Be thankful I don't know more of the intricate details… books could be written just about this prop!


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