With The Tenth Doctor Chronicles due in April, Big Finish has let slip some juicy deets.

Following the critical success of The Ninth Doctor Chronicles in May last year, Big Finish are following up with tales from Ten. Actor and impressionist Jake Dudman is using his pitch-perfect Tennant to serve as narrator. But we’ve also found out about some familiar faces.

She’s a Lady

Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina De Souza (c) BBC
Lady Christina (c) BBC

The cover art – which was revealed on the Big Finish Twitter account earlier today – gives us a few hints. Including the unexpected return of Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina de Souza (left). First seen in 2009’s ‘Planet of the Dead’, Ryan’s aristocrat-turned-thief ended up stranded on an alien world alongside David Tennant’s Doctor. She would end up flying to freedom (literally) in a double decker bus. Lady Christina will drop in on the Doctor for the final story in this release, ‘Last Chance’ by Guy Adams. Hopefully the Doctor has tied down the TARDIS silverware.

Sylvia & Slitheens

Slitheen - (c) BBC
Slitheen – (c) BBC

James Goss is once again writing for a companion’s parent by taking on the domineering Sylvia Noble. ‘Wild Pastures’ will feature the return of Donna’s mum, played once again by the lovely Jacqueline King. We also know that the Slitheen will make their long-awaited Big Finish debut, though we don’t yet know which story they’ll appear in. It could be the first story in this release, ‘The Taste of Death’, penned by Big Finish regular Helen Goldwyn, who also directs this box set. Or it might be Matthew J Elliott’s ‘Backtrack’, from the mind that bought you last year’s ‘The Silurian Candidate‘.

Eleven’s Hour

Jake Dudman
Jake Dudman

The Tenth Doctor Chronicles is due out in April 2018 and can be pre-ordered now from the Big Finish website. It will also feature Jon Culshaw in an as-yet-unspecified role. Culshaw appeared opposite Dudman in a 2017 YouTube sketch where Jake showed off his Tenth Doctor impression. In that sketch we discovered that Dudman can also do an excellent Eleventh Doctor voice. Which is just as well, since he’s narrated The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles for release in the near-future.

Host of ‘Doctor Who: The Fan Show’ Christel Dee dropped in on the recording…

Are you looking forward to The Tenth Doctor Chronicles? What do you think Christina’s up to for her return? Let us know in the comments!


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