As filming on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special begins, some details have emerged regarding the episode. The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out next week, have confirmed that David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) have signed up to appear in the special. Also starring is screen legend, John Hurt (Alien).

UPDATE: The special will be sixty minutes long (though could end up being slightly longer) and receive a limited worldwide 3D cinema release.


  1. I'm not a constant whiner like many fans of the show but if THEY are the ONLY former Doctor and companion to appear in the episode then my rage will hold no bounds. Fangirls of 'Doc Dreamboat and his twu wuv' don't need another excuse to believe the show began and ended with these two. Don't believe for a second though that Moffat would do that to us. He is a fan of the show AND it's history after all.

    • Yes! This. Thiiiiiis. I detest the 10/Rose thing they had going on, and RTD's pushing of it was beyond a joke sometimes.

      I actually like Moffat's handling of the show much better, and it's always obvious that he's a fan. I have confidence he'll pull something great out for the 50th. And, hell, keep in mind that the BBC and the rest of the team still have a lot of input on whatever he comes up with. This is such a massive event, I'm sure they won't let him do anything too awful.

  2. Noooo, Moffat is a sad little man with serious inferiority issues when it comes to characters he didn't write. This includes classic series characters. He has proven time and again what a all sparkle, no substance, writer he is. This is appallingly obvious on shows like Jekyll, not just Who and Sherlock.
    Your generalization of Rose Tyler fans is simply embarrassing, and I pity you that the "Doctor Dreamboat" illusion you have is all you got out of 5 seasons of RTD's brilliant stewardship. If Classic companions like Tegan and Jo or newer ones like Martha and Donna don't make an appearance, then it is no one faults bu Moffat's, seeing as he is the one writing it. So would you please stop pretending you are some holier than thou non-whiner, because honestly, you are looking like "many fans of the show". Kirk Out.

  3. There had better be more past doctors than just Tenant. but if this is just announcement Part 1 then it is a step in the right direction.

  4. The "Doctor Dreamboat" is an assessment of the fanbase. NOT the show as a whole. I tend to agree with it. However I don't find it nearly as annoying as the other Anon.

    When they made a modern version of the show. . .it was only a matter of time before we got a pretty boy Doctor and some snogging. The show evolves over time. 10, Rose and RTD are not my favorite TARDIS team. But they aren't the worst.

    That said if we get other Doctors I'd be sort of shocked. If only because none of the other actors except 9 and maybe 8 can pull it off anymore, physically. I could sort of see 5 and 7. But if you have too big of a cast it won't work and each Doctor/companion boils down into a cameo (See Dimensions in Time on youtube)which is a disservice.

    My dream would be 11, 10, and 4. Not that I think Tom Baker can pull it off as much as if we can only get one classic Doctor. It HAS to be him.


  6. Classic Era fans, in particular, LOATHE the kind of stupid little girls (and, even more scarily, women), who obsess over the Tennant/Piper pairing, and ignore what came before, and after, in the series. They make themselves look utterly stupid on forums, at conventions, basically anywhere their obsession flares. They don't know how much they are hated.

  7. I'm going to stay skeptical about this until the magazine is actually out, and it can be confirmed by other sources.

    However, that said… DT coming back is nice. Not exactly unexpected, given his popularity and huge enthusiasm for the role, but I look forward to seeing him and Matt together.
    But Billie? Really? Personally, I couldn't stand Rose. Her epic Doctor romance changed her into a selfish, unpleasant character that I was glad to see the back of. Her story has been done and overdone, and is really, well and truly finished. Why did we have to bring her and her soppy Doctor-coloured glasses back? Why?

  8. People keep saying there'd better be other Doctors but you need to understand, that would cause a time paradox (or it should by old canon). More likely it'll be Meta-Doctor showing up, not real Doctor 10 anyway.

  9. 'Fan snobbery' aside, this is great news but im not impressed that nine and jack have seemed to have been left out.

  10. Damn well better be just the first announcement in a long list. I have no interest in seeing Ten and Wose giggle at eachother again – and frankly attempting to tell me that bringing back the cast from 2006 is sufficient to celebrate fifty years of Doctor Who, is insulting.

    If you just want to celebrate NuWho, wait til 2015 and celebrate it as the tenth anniversary. Don't pretend what you're doing is celebrating the lot.

    I'd rather have a proper multi-Doctor story while we still can, or else none at all.

  11. This… is not surpising in the least. Nice news, and under Moffatt, who, while not a perfect writer in the least, is far more serious than Davies was, so hopefully they'll be no Davies-style comedy numbers to throw Ten and Rose into.

    However, I pray Tom Baker is in this. As the most famous Doctor, it would be a crime not to include him.

  12. Actually, those two make sense to me, because 10 1/2 is still out there so we could meet those two in the alternate dimension. How any of the other old Doctors should be incorporated is a much tougher question.

  13. given that rose is back too i think its safe to assume that its metadoctor and not the original 10th doctor which is fine by me.

    i trust moffet to deliver on this and have only been let down by him once which was the weird green intro for series 7.1 which he fixed into the epic intro for the christmas special.

    As for those worried that classic who wont be involved you only have to look at tonights episode to see the affinity moffet has with classic who.

    'In Moffet We Trust'

  14. It's all good and I fail to see how one appearance by DT will overshadow Matt Smith's doctor. Plus Billie Piper is the most recognizable and first companion of NuWho-why shouldn't she be involved.

    I also think they were the first couple stars announced because they might be filming their scenes. It's still early days yet…

  15. 'Classic Era fans, in particular, LOATHE the kind of stupid little girls (and, even more scarily, women), who obsess over the Tennant/Piper pairing … They don't know how much they are hated.'

    Speak for yourself, anonymous and next time maybe check your sexism at the door. I'm a classic era fan who's been watching the show since 1970; I have no problems whatsoever with a new generation of fans appreciating DOCTOR WHO in their own way; it certainly doesn't impact in the slightest on my appreciation of the show as it was in the past, or as it is now.

    As a program, DOCTOR WHO and its fan base have evolved – maybe you should too.

  16. Nice~ Now, if the other past Doctors are in this… it'll be superb~ Or any past companions as well~ <3

  17. So there are Who fans who "hate" the people who like 10 and Rose. I can guarantee we don't care. In fact you should be thanking us. Our interest in the show is what is making Doctor Who a household name. You might not care about that and I don't care.

    Also because I like 10 and Rose doesn't mean they are my favorite Doctor/companion pair. I like their story and chemistry. It was designed to make us want more from them because in series 2 it ended so abruptly.

    Also you assume that if someone like 10 and Rose, they must not have watched Classic Who. I watched Classic Who, I have companions I like, but mostly couldn't give a crap if they were brought back. News Flash I like New Who better.

    AND just because they confirmed 10 and Rose are back it doesn't mean other Doctor's or companions won't be back.

  18. As one of those RTD fans (who has actually seen most of the classic Who) I really don't see why people hate us so much.
    They're still Who fans, and might not have access to the older shows. What else can they do but love what they can watch?

    Sure, a lot of the obsessive fangirling is stupid, but there is some logic to bringing these two back.

    If they go by the scene they cut out, then 10.5 and Rose have a working TARDIS (or at least somewhat) at this point in an alternate dimension.
    Think of the possibilities of that. A half-doctor, a companion who already knows what she is doing, and another TARDIS.
    It's an opportunity the writers would be kinda silly not to take.

    And as for not bringing in any of the other companions, their plotlines are pretty much closed up. Donna can't remember the doctor, and will die if she does, and Martha is really just finished with the whole business.
    As for the classic who companions and doctors, who knows if they even WANT to do it again? Just because the idea is cool, doesn't mean the actors are interested, so it's not entirely the writer's fault.

    Think of all the possible reasons before you bash something. It makes you look rude and inconsiderate when you do so.

  19. Great news. And I'm so disappointed by the number of negative comments on this post. Yes, we'd all love to see more past Doctors/Companions/Recurring characters for the anniversary, but why the negativity concerning getting the most recent past Doctor?
    Look, 3 of the originals are dead. Sure, we could have re-cast actors or CGI, but wouldn't it feel a little cheap? (The Five Doctors anyone? Not that I have anything against Richard Hurndall, but he just isn't William Hartnell).
    Christopher Eccleston was never going to agree to do this (welcome as he would be if he would), and the others would probably be a little too old for the physical aspects the role now entails. Plus, try getting a story involving 11 principal characters (or 8 if you only use the still living ones, 7 is Eccleston refuses to do it, plus a reason why 1,2,3 and 9 are randomly not involved, storyline wise), and fit all that into 60 minutes?
    I would be deliriously happy to be proven wrong in this. For now, I'm just happy to see even a small part of Doctor Who history represented in this momentous occasion.

  20. I like the Tenth Doctor (I like them all) and I like Rose okay enough. Now let's hope the next news is Paul McGann!

  21. Having grown up with a mom who was a fan of the very originals, and then watched Tom Baker for YEARS…I am happy Tennant is back, because he is my favorite Doctor and wish he had stayed on. I like Smith, he is my number three (after Baker), but I can live without Rose. She was cute, but she was (and still isn't when I see her on other shows) a great or even good actress. Her thread with the half/meta-Doctor was wrapped up well, and I suspect, as do others, that their appearance will be explained via THAT version of their existence.
    APond is my all-time favorite (ahead of Sara Jane) companion, though I have high hopes for the 'new' girl coming on now.
    For all those complaining about the 50th Anniversary, I agree, but I am equally chagrined on a regular basis that the season/series is always so short. They really are just mini-series each. Not enough…
    LASTLY…for those who are wondering how it would work for so many Doctors to be in one story, remember they did it with NUMEROUS companions (albeit over a multi-episode story arc). Point being, nothing is impossible…anything to see Tennant and Baker on screen together, with Smith

  22. Honestly, I'm happy to see that DT/Piper are back- it makes sense, and 10 is my favorite Doctor. However, people are right- it can't just be him- they need to at LEAST include Tom Baker in some way, shape or form.

  23. Wow, is it the 8th anniversary of "New Who" already? Wonder if we'll get any celebration of the 50th anniversary of "Doctor Who" ?

    "Get away from me, phantom piper!"

  24. Works for me. And remember, as has been proven time and again, just because someone has been announced as a cast member doesn't mean they're the only ones. We were still hearing about casting for the docudrama weeks after it started filming…

  25. You know, I really don't want Rose to return. Don't get me wrong – she was a great character, and Piper (despite being an ex-pop-star) is a good actor. But the power of her departure went straight out the window when she returned the first time – and even with the brilliant Moffat in control, it would further be diminished if she returns with the Doctor YET AGAIN. (So will Tennant return as her Doctor or our Doctor? It better be ours, because the romance didn't work.)

  26. fetch me my angry trousers! i cant stand billy piper, and to be fair id had enough of tennent by the endhe just became a caricature of himself, i would rather it be just Matt and a really good story

  27. Great news, but not a surprise. I still don't get why Paul McGann hasn't been asked….or has he? Wish list stuff here but I would love a spin off series or special about the Time Wars starring McGann. It wouldn't be a stretch to see his incarnation fighting this war with the Daleks. Moffat has spoken of his reluctance to do a Multi Doctor story purely as a reunion unless it's a good story, but there is no reason we cannot see standalone adventures that are not just audio (as great as they are)

    Despite the movie not being great , McGann was

  28. You know I was extra excited when I saw these news yesterday. Ten IS my fave Doctor (and Im a fan of the classic era also, love Tom Baker and do not loathe anyone or anything…Im not a freakin' child) and Rose, together with Donna, are my fave companions. I'm really happy they'll be back but at the same time worried abt Moffat's writing. I never liked much how Moffat wrote Ten and esp. Rose….and really, if they kill or harm them in some way it'll be a knife in the heart of fandom. Also hope other Doctors will be back, like Four and Five. Well, we have the Firth already dont we?


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