Big Finish continues its successful range of Doctor Who vinyl releases with The Tenth Doctor Adventures: The Creeping Death

Big Finish have revealed that this month’s third series of The Tenth Doctor Adventures will come with a special twist. As usual, it will be available as individual CDs, in a limited edition boxset, and as digital downloads. But this time one of the stories will also be released on vinyl. The Creeping Death sees David Tennant and Catherine Tate return to the roles of the Doctor and Donna as they find themselves in the infamously lethal fog of 1952. The historical event saw a combination of freak weather conditions and pollution flood London with poisonous fog. Ultimately over 12,000 Londoners died as fear and darkness gripped the city. But, naturally, the Doctor and Donna discover that the fog hides something even more dangerous within its folds…

The vinyl edition of the story is exclusive to Asda and will go on sale on Friday the 24th of May. It’s also strictly limited to only 1,000 copies nationwide. So make sure and have your shopping trolley ready to go when they unlock the doors.

A tale of 1950s misfits versus alien horrors, all on appropriately green vinyl

One person sure to get their hands on a copy is the story’s writer, Roy Gill.  “I’m a big vinyl fan already,” he says. “I share my flat with three record decks, goodness knows how many records, and one long-suffering partner – so I’m super-eager to get my hands on a copy!”

He regards the news that his story is getting a vinyl release as a lovely surprise. “Being asked to write for David Tennant and Catherine Tate was already a huge thrill, but how awesome to hear The Creeping Death will be getting a vinyl release too! I think this nineteen-fifties tale of a band of London misfits against whatever-it-is that lurks in the smog will work beautifully on a neon green LP!”

Doctor Who: The Creeping Terror. Cover by Tom Webster. (c) Big Finish
Doctor Who: The Creeping Terror. Cover by Tom Webster. (c) Big Finish

The Creeping Death

London, 1952, and a deadly smog envelops the capital. But something even more dangerous – and alien – is hiding within the mists. When the Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna (Catherine Tate) get lost in the fog, they find a motley group of Londoners trying to make their way home. Soon the stakes are raised as death creeps along fume-choked streets, and not everyone will make it out alive…

The Creeping Death can be pre-ordered on CD or as a digital download directly from the Big Finish site. It’s also included in the deluxe The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 3. (Also included in that set are No Place by James Goss and One Mile Down by Jenny T Colgan.) The vinyl edition can only be purchased from Asda stores in the UK from the 24th of May.


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