Believe It!‘ returns to BBC Radio 4 this morning featuring a cavalcade of Doctor Who alumni. This includes former television Doctors, an audio Doctor and former guest stars of some repute.

Series 4 of Richard Wilson’s Radiography, ‘Believe It!‘, begins this morning on BBC Radio 4. The premise of the show sees writer Jon Canter delving into the true and not so true nooks and crannies of Wilson’s life and works. In the opening episode, Wilson decides that it’s time he became more Scottish and calls on all his Scottish friends to do likewise.

Believe It! – Richard Wilson (c) BBC

Richard Wilson is no stranger to Doctor Who having appeared as Doctor Constantine in ‘The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances‘ (2005). Episode 1 of Series 4 sees him joined by two former television incarnations of The Doctor. Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and Tenth Doctor David Tennant, both proud Scots, are listed in the cast. Also featuring is Arabella Weir who played a female version of The Doctor in the Doctor Who Unbound series for Big Finish. She would later appear onscreen as Billis in ‘The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe‘ (2011). Finally, Ian McKellen, who voiced the Great Intelligence in ‘The Snowmen‘ (2012), rounds off the cast list with the only individual to have no prior Doctor Who connection, Anthony Sher.

Believe It!‘ airs on BBC Radio 4 at 11:30am on 3rd September 2018 and will be available on the BBC iPlayer shortly afterwards.


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