Speaking to Flicks And The City, actress Neve McIntosh has revealed that her character, Madame Vastra, will return to Doctor Who next year alongside the new Doctor, and fellow Scot, Peter Capaldi.
McIntosh revealed: “It will be sad not to be working with Matt again but I’m really looking forward to Peter taking over and seeing what he does with it. We’ll be helping the Doctor more, but I can’t say anything else.”
Vastra will also return with Jenny and Strax but is keen to have their own spin-off show, exploring some more adult ideas, stating: “The sexual themes in Doctor Who should be talked about more and embraced more. It could be edgier and more dangerous. We can do so much in Victorian times, it’s got that steampunk edge to it. Think how freaky that era was with the Elephant Man and all that and just add us into the mix, with time travel and all sorts of weird, wonderful stuff.”
Filming on Doctor Who Series 8, starring Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara, starts in November 2013. Watch the full Flicks and the City interview with Neve HERE.

Blogtor’s thoughts on Peter Capaldi


  1. Filming starts in November? I've been hearing January. Not a complaint since the earlier the better. Just wondering where you'd heard that.

  2. Good news, though lazy journalism on the part of the Daily Record – all they're doing is reporting on an interview Flicks and the City posted on YouTube 3 days ago.

  3. It's a big shame if I'm completely honest. I really really wanted Steven Moffat's era to start again right from scratch with the 12th Doctor, Clara, the Tardis and wherever they next go, with everything in Matt Smith's run wrapped up. Jenny, Vastra & Strax have just become a joke, and a bit of an insult to the once scary Silurians and Sontarans. I wish it was just Vastra returning, Moffat's shot himself in the foot here.

  4. No. Dear God no. I'd dreaded this happening – even though I've heard it rumoured for a wile. Sadly it looks as if Moffat won't (or more likely can't) take up the desperately-needed option of retooling his understanding of who and what the Doctor is. In fact, it's almost an insult to Peter Capaldi to lumber him with tedious, unfunny-the-first-time baggage from his predecessor's era. if what I'm hearing comes to pass, next seasons might become almost unwatchable, Capaldi or no Capaldi.

  5. Paul Mount, (for once) I am in absolute agreement with you. The opportunity here is to go in a completely new and imaginative direction – or is Moffat now so burnt out that he's incapable of that? If this goes on like this, the fresh new reign of the 12th will be spoiled. Capaldi deserves a clean slate – which is what Matt Smith got, so why not Capaldi? This betrays a lack of confidence behind the scenes, and is yet another step the Moff is taking down the JN-T road (saddling a new Doctor with a raft of old companions). RING THE CHANGES PLEASE!!!

  6. "…desperately-needed option of retooling his understanding of who and what the Doctor is."

    You mean to match yours? Who says yours is the right one anyway?

  7. Matt got a clean slate because the entire production team changed. This is far more akin to David Tennant taking over for Chris Eccleston.

  8. No Carl, I don't mean to mine, that's not what I said – to what the character's been for the 40-odd years before Moffat took over. I've never got my head round Moffat's interpretation of the Doctor as a "madman with a box", this wacky funster with whirling arms who talks gibberish. None of the others have been like this, why does Moffat see the Doctor as something he's never been before?

  9. Paul… you do understand the concept of regeneration, right? "None of the other Doctor's were like this." Well, the Eleventh Doctor is. The reason we get new actors in the role is to explore new facets of the Doctor never explored before. Or do you want nothing but Tom Bakers or David Tennants for ever?

  10. For god's sake leave Paul alone. Typical Moffat era fans getting overly defensive over constructive comments, and they can never handle it if there is another incarnation of the Doctor that people hold close to heart. We've had 50 years of Doctor Who, and with the sendoff of Matt Smith closes a chapter, and ties up every loose end. Now we have the next 50 years to come, a fresh brand new imaginative potential with Peter Capaldi and I'm sorry to say this but until I watch this 50th anniversary story I don't think Steven Moffat's up to the job anymore in terms of a head writer. Team Vastra shouldn't be returned, it should graciously finish up this Christmas instead, not dragging on as unwanted unfunny baggage in the light of a shining new Doctor and a shining new adventure.


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