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Former president and co-founder of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, Jan Vincent-Rudzki, has been in touch regarding a great book about the TARDIS he has written and researched. The book looks at the various different designs over the years in great detail. Jan was kind enough to show it to Blogtor and I can honestly say that it’s a great piece of work with numerous amazing and unseen pictures from the past – an absolute joy for any fan. You can see a taster in the picture below.

Jan is looking to get the book published and is seeking support from fellow fans to show companies that it would be something of worth for the world of Doctor Who. Check out the details below:

• A large-format coffee-table book of original design plans and high-quality large photographs of the Doctor’s TARDIS interior – at least 250 pages.
• Each major development of the TARDIS set is covered, including the very original designs from 1963.
• Other TARDISes, time machines and devices that have appeared in the series are also included (such as the Rani’s TARDIS and the Daleks’ time machine).
• This book is the only chance to see 99% of these designs and images as they do not exist anywhere else.

If this fantastic book is something you would be interested in, do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Yeah I can see this being something I'd buy – provided it contained some juicy behind the scenes details and tidbits. For example, I'd love to know more about the theoretical "Season 27" redesign that would have been introduced were it not for the cancellation.

  2. As a long time TARDIS aficionado and old time member of TARDISBuilders.com, this would be the best thing ever. But it has to be done right. And people who have worked on and are very knowledgeable about about all the different props and sets need to be part of this as well. Please make this happen people!
    Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff

  3. Well I'd certainly be up for a copy of this, that's for sure. I tried (many times) to get my own version of this book published, but I was told that it was too niche a market to be commercially viable. Hopefully times (and attitudes) have changed.

    Whatever happens with this, please do sign me up as an interested party!

    Also, if I can be so bold as to suggest it, I'd be more than happy to share my findings on the subject with the author.

  4. Count me in! This is THE BOOK that should be published for the 50th Anniversary, NOT the load of tat that the BBC has decided that the fans want. Let's hope you find a publisher and the book is a decent size – unlike the awful "Barry Newbery Signature Collection" book that Telos published. Now there was a wasted opportunity at a rip-off price!

  5. This research is amazing! The way BBC Books has been publishing all sorts of behind-the-scenes books lately, I can't imagine them not wanting to publish this one. They would have trouble keeping enough copies of it on the shelves! Also, having followed Purpleblancmange's blogs over the years it would be nice to see his contributions accepted, and I totally agree with DoctorWho8's comments and am a member of TARDIS Builders as well. So YES! I want one of these books!

  6. Oh yes – absolutely. And judging by the amount of material on display, it rather looks as if this book might end up being very much bigger on the inside.

    Oho ho ho.

  7. Was about to put it on my Christmas list until I realised it was not 'yet' available. Can you please use the plans to build a TARDIS, go back in time and get it to a publisher so it's resdy for the 50th.

  8. Definitely one I would purchase. Something like this is a perfect idea, so long as it goes into detail on both the fictional and non-fictional side of the stories behind the police box and TARDISes.

  9. Wow, i soooooooo want one !
    We bought the Star Wars one for two kidneys and our first child and it was worth everypenny.
    We would sell the other child for that too !

  10. This would be my 'must have' book of the year if it were published. When you're on a budget you have to be a little selective about what you buy, and this would sit right at the top of my wish list. From what I saw in the photo, it looks fantastic.

  11. Absolutely I would want one of these. If no publishers will pick it up (and they would be mad not to) you should definitely look at doing a kickstarter or something for it

  12. I would by that in a heartbeat. I think that Jan Vincent-Rudzki should consider self publishing it and fund that through Kickstarter. I would be in line to support it. Promote is via The Doctor Who Hub on Facebook and I bet it would be funded and pre-orders sold out in 72 hours.

  13. I would LOVE this, and would buy at least a half dozen! One for me and the others for family and friends! Please, Please, Please somebody publish this! It would be like a license to print money, with literally hundreds of thousands of Doctor Who fans in America alone, this seems like a no-brainer to me!


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