A new episode of Sarah & Duck airs today, Tuesday November 14th, on Cbeebies at 5:15pm. The episode sees Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy join the voice cast.

Sylvester McCoy gets to portray a comet in the episode titled ‘Comet’s Coming’. The story sees seven-year-old Sarah and her flappy, erratic friend Duck, visit an observatory to view a comet, voiced by McCoy. The comet is a slightly scatty celestial object that won’t be seen for many years. I can already imagine the Seventh Doctor relishing this fun role.

During the story, Sarah and Duck have to jog the memory of the comet after he meets Venus and Mars, but can’t remember them. McCoy’s vocal delivery has been called “playful…with the unpredictable tone we strive for in every Sarah & Duck episode” by Series Producer Jamie Badminton.

Sarah & Duck is now in its 3rd series on Cbeebies, this being episode 32 of 40. It features the voice talent of Roger Allam (The Thick of it) as the narrator. It is currently transmitting daily on Cbeebies.

If you want to catch Sylvester McCoy in this role,  tune in to Cbeebies at 5:15pm or catch up later on the BBC I player. Warning: the theme tune will be stuck in your head for days afterwards.



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