We don’t normally do ratings here at BLOGTOR TOWERS but news is slow and this info is rather astounding. The ‘final’ viewing figures are in from BARB for THE STOLEN EARTH. A healthy 8.87 million tuned in to see it and this places it at No. 2 in the chart for that week. This is only the second time in the show’s history that it has scored so high. Not only that, it is the highest placing for a ‘normal’ episode ever (ie. not a special). So what beat it you ask? The EURO 2008 final but only by 60,000 or so. Fact fans may note that the BBC3 repeat got just over a million and the Saturday’s DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL got 1.27 million – the highest placed ‘multi channel’ programme for the week. It’s worth pointing out that the penultimate SERIES 4 episode scored an APPRECIATION INDEX of 91 – the highest DOCTOR WHO has ever received and well above most other TV shows.


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