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Steven Moffat talks Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has been talking to the UK television listings magazine Radio Times about the return of River Song in this year’s Christmas Special. Check out the highlights below.
On the return of River Song for the Christmas special:
“I really fancied it. I hadn’t written River for a couple of years and I’d missed her. I thought, given that I’m knackered at the end of a series, what would be a treat for me would be getting Alex Kingston back onto Doctor Who.”
The change of tone for the Christmas special and the relationship between River and the Doctor:
“Our current series of Doctor Who gets quite dark towards the end so I thought it was time, at Christmas, to take it back up. It’s towards the comedy thriller end of the Doctor Who market. It’s light, and quite emotional at the end.
The big deal is Doctor No 12 encountering River and vice versa. It’s strange because they’re now, in our human terms, the perfect couple. They’re both sexy older people. It’s always been slightly strange before with Matt Smith. Now, yeah, they could actually be married. It works. Alex is great with Peter.
It’s a great romp for Christmas Day but there’s not a lot of Christmas in it. It starts with a big bit of Christmas at the beginning and then we ignore it and go off on a chase, really, with Mr and Mrs Who.”

Read the full interview in the new issue of Radio Times on sale now.



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