One of the great things about Doctor Who is that it elevates the role of the creative minds behind it. Making household names of the people that run the show. This can be seen by Steven Moffat, who was showrunner from 2010 until 2017, overseeing the 11th and 12th Doctor eras, appearing on the most recent episode of Room 101.

Steven Moffat isn’t the first Doctor Who name to appear this series with Pearl Mackie being part of the first episode. Steven Moffat appears alongside Jimmy Carr and Rochelle Humes, but what did he try to put into Room 101. Did Doctor Who mega fan Frank Skinner agree with Steven Moffat’s pet hates? Let’s have a look into what aggravates the former Doctor Who showrunner, and what happened on the show.

The first of Moffat’s pitches for Room 101 is being Scottish. Mainly as he considers himself not very good at it despite quite obviously being Scottish. But Jimmy Carr won the first round with something quite personal to his recent history, which I’ll leave as a surprise for when you tune in to the show.

Moffat was reflective on not getting being Scottish into Room 101, saying ” I didn’t want to win because I’m Scottish. I wanted my self-loathing to be unsuccessful.”

Next, he tries to put in something I personally agreed with, by hoping to condemn Sandy Beaches to Room 101. His rant about beaches is succinct and angry, but also very funny and worth tuning in for. Also, this segment of the show features one of the only mentions of Doctor Who with an impressive sand sculpture.

To see if Steven Moffat managed to get anything into Room 101 you’ll have to watch the show which is available to view on BBC Iplayer.



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