Steven Moffat

Showrunner Steven Moffat has been speaking to Variety about all things Doctor Who and discussed the future of the show and lead actor Peter Capaldi.
When asked about the show’s longevity, Steven stated:
It is definitely going to last five more years, I’ve seen the business plan. It’s not going anywhere.
And I think we can go past that. It’s television’s own legend. It will just keep going.
Attention then turned to The Twelfth Doctor, and his future with Doctor Who; Steven said:
“Peter Capaldi is going nowhere.”


  1. Peter Capaldi is fantastic regardless what anyone says. Its great to see a change. With no disrespect to the other fabulous actors past & present he is doing a fine job. He gets to play the same person who looks a little older & is more "old school" yet stlil wants to be modern & can be dark at the same time. His abilty to crack is great! Its nice to a darker turn in the stories & actors as well. You can't keep doing the same thing year after year – its why there is a different Doctor! They all know time is up at some point. Capaldi could keep doing this for another two or three years if he wanted to.

    • I hope he will! He's the best Doctor I've ever seen, a fine actor in a role that gives him tremendous scope compared to, say, his work in The Thick of It, a political satire series that let him cut loose in some directions, but ignore others completely, in creating a comedy character rather than a dramatic one. As the Doctor, he's free — except of course that he can go very dark but not truly evil, and he can play around with minor sexual innuendo but not get explicit in any way (with an audience full of kids). But within those boundaries, the man is clearly having a lovely time. As I, and so many other fans, are watching he be his childhood hero.

  2. I'm so glad they chose Peter to play the Doctor! He is just perfect for the role and excels at it. We can see through his interepretation of the Doctor that Peter is a longtime fan of the show because he genuinely understands the character and interpretates him just as he should be. I don't see how some people could not like him, unless maybe we're talking about teenagers who watch the show mainly for the Doctor's looks.. But speaking as a teenage girl myself, I can affirm that the Doctor doesn't need to be handsome for the show to be amazing and that I love Peter Capaldi's Doctor just as much as Matt Smith's or David Tennant's. I know the Doctor will have to regenerate at some point, but I hope Peter will get to play him for at least another season or two.

  3. NOOOOOOOO, Capaldi is driving me insane, is testing my love for the show. There is nothing that I like about his portray of the Doctor. I understand he is a long time fan of the show, got it, I'm a long time fan of the show and does that means that I can play the doctor?He annoys me, his eyes always wide open like a deer in the headlights, I'm sorry, I'm trying really hard to like him, but I just can't. And the jelly beans, and the guitar, and the stupid sonic sunglasses, and his bad attitude, oh he is a dark Doctor, no he is just rude, he is not funny, no sarcastic, just a man trying to play a part, trying too hard to be the Doctor. Sorry just me and my family opinion, my husband stopped watch the show and told me to call him only when he regenerate, so did my young son, we are left in 3 watching the show and I'm here only because I love the show so much.

  4. Oh, wow, acturus4ever, now you know exactly how I felt every moment of the years David Tennant was on-screen. I'm always told what a wonderful actor he is, and all I ever saw when he was the Doctor was his desperately acting as hard as he could to prove himself. "Look at me, I'm a cool pretty boy! Take me seriously!" Nope, loathed him. Now, I'm an old-school DW fan who had major trouble with RTD's Emo Time Lord Pain era, and modern DW just hasn't worked all that well for me, but Capaldi's the most I've liked DW since 1989.

  5. Sorry Sara but I would give anything to have David back as the Doctor, he was funny, serious,deadly,sarcastic and no I guess we were watching 2 different shows I have never for a second thought He was playing the pretty boy. He was everything I could ask in a Doctor, coming from a great Tom Baker and loving to death Christopher I thought, OH my God it will take me 30 more years to like another Doctor , but then there he was a great talented David,MY Doctor, then Matt came along a funny young Doctor yes I liked him not as MY Doctor but he was funny, light and enjoyable. And now, nothing to do with Capaldi age, but he is playing an old Doctor, and today even if I'm not a young girl, I loved the new Doctor who, the show was fresh, right for today days, full of action. No i do not want to go back to the seventies kind of show,and that's is what they are doing, so enjoy the show because one day (never soon enough for me ) Peter will leave the show. Enjoy.

  6. actarus4ever, let's leave each other in peace to enjoy what we want. However, I just grew to hate RTD's take on DW, while everyone shoved Tenth Doctor and Rose in my face. Now I enjoy DW again, and the anti-fans are crying about how Tenth/Rose should return, despite DW being change. I've been a DW fan since 1981 and know that it's change. To me, the Tenth Doctor was a creepy psycho (full of his own Lonely God pain, mind-raping Donna without even trying to find an alternative while she protested, and when he whined "I don't want to go!" my reply was "Just die already!"); he tried to be Tom Baker and failed. I don't care about Eccleston; he wanted out, goodbye. Smith was fun; he felt like the Doctor to me, despite his ridiculous youth. I enjoy Capaldi. Of course he'll leave — just as every other Doctor actor, even Tennant, has left. Just as every other companion, even Rose, has left. Hope you enjoy whatever actor replaces Capaldi when he goes. (Hint: it won't be Tennant.)

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I have only watched a few episodes of this season because Capaldi is still the Doctor. My kids 7 & 6 can't bear to watch anymore. Last season was horrible…..I tries with this season…but he is not for me. I have liked most of the doctors ever since i started watching in 1974. NOT CAPALDI.


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