Current showrunner Steven Moffat was talking with Frank Skinner and Fred MacAulay earlier this evening at the AdLib Comedy event in Edinburgh. During the session both Doctor Who and Sherlock were discussed and there was also a Q&A with the audience. Highlights below!

What are the chances of Peter Jackson directing an episode?

“He’s serious about it. We talked at The Hobbit premiere – he just wants a Dalek. So we’ll give him a Dalek and he’ll direct an episode. I think he’d like to us to go to New Zealand. I think it’s entirely possible.”
Rumour that JK Rowling is writing a short story for the 50th Anniversary.
“I can’t confirm that…, right now.”
A return for the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny?
“The door is open, it’s entirely possible.”

Similarly, a return for Romana?
“I have actually given no thought at all to Romana. The Time Lords are dead in my mind. They died.”

Will Peter Capaldi’s Doctor have a Scottish accent?
“I’d be very surprised if he didn’t”

On the importance of Rose Tyler.
“When the show came back, I think it really was Billie Piper who brought it back. Those first two years, that was Billie Piper’s show. It became David Tennant’s show in the third year but it was all about Billie, and Billie as Rose. And Russell [T Davies, former showrunner] was clever in writing that character and casting that character so perfectly. Seriously, in the first two years, that was Billie Piper’s show.”

Regarding the casting of an older actor being cast as the next Doctor
(Peter Capaldi, in case you’d forgotten), Frank Skinner suggested: “I
hope it will stop Steven’s temptation to make it all flirty between The
Doctor and the companion,” to which Steven Moffat replied sarcastically,
“Yeah, ‘cos older blokes – they just don’t ever flirt with girls, do
they?” Skinner also suggested that Dorium Maldovar would be a brilliant companion.
“You really do want to reduce the flirting! I love the character. We
would bring him back if we had a good story for him. But he’s just a
head in a box, which could make it slightly limiting. [Laughs]”

On the Sherlock Series 2 finale…
“He cunningly avoided the pavement – that really is the only way to avoid dying. There’s only a limited number of ways he can do this. He’s got to interrupt his fall before he hits the pavement.” Moffat also revealed that the first episode of the next series is set in November.


  1. Relieved to hear Romana won't be coming back. She's in E-space, and the last thing we want is NuHu ruining her character.

  2. Cameron I realise that to keep your site going you have to stay pally with the current regime. But to say that it was Billie Piper's show…? What the heck is this guy on! What arrogance, what cheek! So Christopher Eccleston played no role at all, did he…sour grapes for not agreeing to coming back?

  3. Anthony, Moffat isn't making a personal comment about the opening two years other than it was written as the companion's show. This was noted and complained about by fans at the time and since, you need only Google "the Rose Tyler show" to see such comment.

    Whether RTD was right to do that or the series would have been just as popular on its return with more focus on the Doctor is something we can never know.

  4. Personally my enjoyment of Rose as tainted by my dislike of Billie Piper, but he does have a point as she gave a point of interest to younger and new viewers.

    This interview gives us absolutely nothing, but I went to a similar interview when Matt was starting, and he was just as diverting and cloaked about what he said.

    Good to hear Frank getting involved, I listen to his Saturday show and he's a genuine fan.

  5. I think it's obvious that Moffat thought RTD was clever in making his focus Rose, because Moffat did the exact same thing; the Matt Smith years were essentially "The Amy Pond Show", as evidenced by the show's intro on BBCA ("When I was a little girl…"). I hope Moffat gets reminded by someone that, while the companions are important, the show is SUPPOSED to be about the title character!

  6. Oh for god's sake can we put a stake through the heart of Rose Bloody Tyler? She did NOT bring the show back. Way to spit in Eccleston's face again. Can we please replace the show-runners and expunge the Cult of Rose once and for all??

    • F you! If there were no there were no Rose…there would have never been a new Doctor Who. Get over yourself. Rose is the best companion since Sarah Jane.

  7. Why is it that 1/3 of the fandom complain that the female characters are secondary, 1/3 complain that they're the main focus and only 1/3 of us just enjoy a good story and wanna be happy and smile everyday?

  8. Moffat is quickly becoming the JNT of the 21st century. He's burned-out and should focus solely on SHERLOCK. Allow someone who has a passion for it and wants to put forth real effort into making it a good show to take over as showrunner. Rather than someone just hitting all the same buttons over and over, with less and less interest in telling a coherent story over "creating a buzz" about it. His ego is obvious.

  9. Why is the first commenter saying Romana is in E-space. IN all the novel's and big finish stuff we know she was back on gallifrey for some time. Regenerated again, had adventures with leela, and was even president for a time….

  10. Moffat has the fantastic ability not to be able to answer a straight forward question. He really is an idiot!

  11. Moffat has a peculiar way of stating facts he knows will upset people. He thinks he's funny. A bit like JNT really. And, like JNT, the show will improve once he is gone.


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