It’s a date! Details and launch dates for Immersive Everywhere’s entry into the Time Lord Victorious universe are finally here. And this time YOU can be the hero!

Immersive Everywhere, the team behind the massively successful Great Gatsby immersive theatre experience, have announced details and dates for Doctor Who: Time Fracture. The new experience takes place amid the universal dangers of the epic multi-platform adventure Time Lord Victorious. And it sees fans recruited by UNIT to help save the day when time fractures open up. Time has broken through, linking London in 2021 and at the height of the Blitz. Do you have what it takes to step into the past to save the future?

But that’s just the beginning. Placed at the heart of the story, audiences will meet Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords and many other strange and mysterious characters as they travel across space and time. Feel like you’ve really stepped onto an alien planet as you discover amazingly realised worlds. And undertake a mission to save the Doctor Who universe as we know it. Plus they’ll get to meet an original character from the wider Time Lord Victorious arc in person! (Blogtor Who’s money’s on Brian the Ood Assassin).


Immersive Everywhere’s Time Fracture brings together a team pulled from the best of both Doctor Who and immersive experiences

Immersive Everywhere will also be loading a series of preview ‘field logs’ this week acting as previews to the Time Fracture story. The first is available now here.  The second will appear tomorrow, with the final one on Thursday. There will also be a full trailer coming out on Thursday morning.

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Time Fracture is a collaboration between people at the top of their various fields. Celebrated Big Finish and Torchwood writer James Goss has been involved as the Time Lord Victorious producer. While the director Tom Maller has previous worked on many of Secret Cinema’s famous immersive experiences, from recreating a visit to the Casino Royale, to plunging audiences into the post-apocalyptic horrors of 28 Days Later, to even re-creating the futuristic urban hellscape of Blade Runner for visitors to experience.

Meanwhile production design comes from Rebecca Brower. Bower worked as an assistant on the design of the 2012 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. But since then has a CV littered with stunning stage creations as production designer in her own right. From the recent stage adaptations of Freaky Friday and The Last King of Scotland. To a modern setting for the Canterbury Tales and The Boys in the Band starring Mark Gatiss.

The Immersive Everywhere team were previously responsible for the long running, award winning Great Gatsby experience (c) Immersive Everywhere
The Immersive Everywhere team were previously responsible for the long running, award winning Great Gatsby experience (c) Immersive Everywhere

Tickets go on general sale on Thursday, with the doors opening on the 17th of February next year

Speaking about the project, Maller said that his team at Immersive Everywhere are incredibly excited to be at the creative helm of this project. It has been an enjoyable experience already working with BBC Studios to make sure Doctor Who: Time Fracture not only meets the extremely high expectations of fans, but exceeds them.” 

Playwright and actor Daniel Dingsdale, who has written the script for Time Fracture, added “Drawing from the rich legacy of Doctor Who, which spans over half a century, we are creating an adventure that will entertain both fans that have immersed themselves in the show’s universe for years, and audience members who will walk in from the street having never seen an episode. It’s going to be an absolute blast.”

Doctor Who: Time Fracture will take place at Immersive | LDN, a former military drill hall dating back to 1890. The event is on from the 17th of February 2021, with tickets available through to the 11th of April. Earlier this year, Immersive offered fans the opportunity to purchase Gallifreyan Coins – essentially reserving a place in the queue prior to dates going up. Now those coin holders have priority booking access and can book from today. Tickets go on general sale from 10am on Thursday.

Priority is also going to care workers, as a thanks to those at the front line of the current pandemic. A special free preview of Time Fracture will be taking place exclusively for care workers, with details of how to book a place coming soon.


Doctor Who: Time Fracture. A new immersive experience coming to London in 2020 (c) BBC Studios/Immersive Everywhere
Doctor Who: Time Fracture. A new immersive experience coming to London in 2021 (c) BBC Studios/Immersive Everywhere

A socially distanced experience as well as an immersive one, Time Fracture is taking every possible precaution for fans’ safety

Louis Hartshorn, joint CEO of Immersive Everywhere said “We are delighted to be partnering with BBC Studios to bring the incredible universe of Doctor Who to life in a way that only immersive theatre can. We can’t wait for audiences to step into the world of The Doctor, and find themselves closer to the action than ever before, in this expansive and ambitious new show.”

With Time Fracture originally planned for Autumn this year, Hartshorn also addressed the work being done to ensure it remains a safe experience for all when it arrives next year. “Based on everything we know now, we are confident that Doctor Who: Time Fracture will be able to go ahead as planned in early 2021 and will be taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our audiences and full creative team.”


Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious - Time Fracture is a new immersive experience placing fans at the heart of the action (c) Immersive Everywhere
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Time Fracture is a new immersive experience placing fans at the heart of the action (c) Immersive Everywhere

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Time Fracture

1940 – it’s the height of the Blitz. A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, and simultaneously opens up a rift in space and time. For decades, UNIT has fought to protect the people of Earth from the dangers it poses, but they’ve been beaten back as the fracture multiplies out of control.

Earth as we know it is at stake – now is the time for you to step up and be the hero. Travelling to impossible places, confronting menacing monsters and ancient aliens along the way, it’s a journey across space and time to save our race, and our beautiful planet.


Doctor Who: Time Fracture will take place whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines announced by the UK Government this month.

Immersive Everywhere will also be operating a no-questions-asked exchange policy where customers who are no longer able to attend can exchange their ticket for an equivalent ticket on an alternative date.

Tickets for Doctor Who: Time Fracture are on general sale from 9am Thursday 20 August. £47- £57 plus booking fee at the Time Fracture site. Gallifreyan Coin token holders, can book for their preferred performance now.

The iconic art for Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious as whole (c) BBC Studios Lee Binding Tenth Doctor Ninth Doctor Eighth Doctor
The iconic art for Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious as whole. Art by Lee Binding. (c) BBC Studios

Time Fracture is just one ingredient in the Time Lord Victorious multi-platform epic. Each element can be enjoyed as an individual story or as part of a vast interconnected arc

Contributors to Time Lord Victorious include Big Finish Productions, Penguin Random House, Doctor Who Magazine, Titan Comics, Escape Hunt, Hero Collector, Immersive Everywhere, Maze Theory, Demon Music Group, BBC Books and finally BBC Audio. All contributing to one an epic story told across several platforms. But with each strand, and each release, able to stand on its own as well.

The complete list of Time Lord Victorious tie-ins announced so far:
  • A Dalek Awakens (Escape Hunt, Open Now!)
  • Defender of the Daleks #1 (Titan Comics, 2nd September) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Doctor Who Annual 2021 (BBC Books, 3rd September) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part One (Doctor Who Magazine #556, 17th September) [Ninth Doctor]
  • The Night, the Fool and the Dead (BBC Books, 1st October) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Master Thief/Lesser Evils (Big Finish, 7th October) [The Master]
  • Defender of the Daleks #2 (Titan Comics, 8th October) [Tenth Doctor]
  • He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not (Big Finish, 14th October) [Eighth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part Two (Doctor Who Magazine #557, 15th October) [Ninth Doctor]
  • Dalek Golden Emperor/Dalek Drone Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 20th October)
  • Dalek Commander/Dalek Scientist Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 20th November)
  • The Enemy of My Enemy (Big Finish, 11th November) [Eighth Doctor]
  • Monsterous Beauty Part Three (Doctor Who Magazine #558, 12th November) [Ninth Doctor]
  • Defender of the Daleks Collection (Titan Comics, 18th November) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Dalek Executioner/Dalek Strategist (Hero Collector, 23rd November)
  • Echoes of Extinction (Big Finish, 27th November) [Eighth/Tenth Doctors]
  • The Minds of Magnox (BBC Audio/Demon Music Group, 3rd December) [Tenth Doctor]
  • Mutually Assured Destruction (Big Finish, 9th December) [Eighth Doctor]
  • All Flesh is Grass (BBC Books, 10th December) [Eighth/Ninth/Tenth Doctors]
  • Time Fracture (Immersive Everywhere, 17th February – 11th April, 2021)
  • Time Lord Victorious/Brian the Ood Figurine Set (Hero Collector, 1st March)
  • The Edge of Time: Time Lord Victorious game expansion (Maze Theory, TBA)




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