Silva Screen have announced that the Doctor Who soundtrack CD The Specials has been delayed. The new date for its release is October 4. The company have also stated that two additional tracks, The Cyberleader Runs Amok and Never Too Old To Shoot And Fly, will be available exclusively on iTunes to buyers who buy the whole album as a download bundle. Read the complete track~listing HERE.

Thanks to Silva Screen


  1. So in other words, in 20 years when we're still enjoying the CD, those two tracks will be lost. Not a fan of "digital exclusives" as you can tell.

  2. Agreed. I HATE digital bonus tracks with a passion. What about us loyal fans who want to purchase the CD instead of stupid mp3 files? I'm not buying a whole album digitally just for 2 extra songs. I will download them elsewhere.

    iTunes sucks.

  3. I agree. I bought some tunes from iTunes, and each time I want to play them on my computer, I have to go on the internet and get "permission" from Apple! Never again.
    I'd like these tracks, just hoping some kind soul makes them downloadable from somewhere else.

  4. For those who consider loyalty to mean hanging onto out-dated audio technology, (not sure what the connection between artist and format loyalty is but, hey), the 3 disk 12" vinyl gatefold edition of The Doctor Who Specials soundtrack was released in 1987.


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