Visit an iconic Doctor Who location at the one day Spearhead Live convention next month

Next month brings Spearhead Live from Cygnus Alpha Events to a unique venue for a Doctor Who convention. Walk the same corridors as the Who cast in Spearhead from Space and Robot, at the Wood Norton in Evesham on Sunday 7th of May 2023. Colin Baker is headlining the one day event and the actor will be reuniting with two of his screen used costumes!

Other guests attending include former companions Frazer Hines (Jamie) and Katy Manning (Jo). Also there on the day will be Nabil Shaban. Shaban memorably played the villainous uber-capitalist Sil in Vengeance on Varos and The Trial of a Time Lord. Matthew Robinson, who directed Baker in Attack of the Cyberman, as well as the Fifth Doctor story Resurrection of the Daleks, is on the guest list too.

Meanwhile, other guests will be coming from the world of Big Finish. Actors Tim Treloar (the Third Doctor), Sadie Miller (Sarah Jane), Daisy Ashford (Liz), and Jon Culshaw (the Brigadier/the Master) will be representing the Third Doctor Adventures range. And what could be a better setting than the iconic location of the Third Doctor’s first television story? Wood Norton portrayed the hospital, both inside and out, where the Doctor is brought after his regeneration and where much of the first half of the story took place. Later it would feature in another regeneration story, Robot. This time it was the home of the Think Tank research facility that, the cover of the sinister Scientific Reform Society.


Colin Baker will be back in the ‘totally tasteless’ coat for photos on the day!

Tickets are £80, which includes autographs from all the guests except Colin Baker. Attendees will also get tea or coffee, and a finger food buffet lunch. A full set of Q&A panels with all the guests will also happen throughout the day. As you’d expect you can get professional photos with the stars too, including a very special opportunity to pose with Colin Baker in full costume! Cygnus Alpha will be announcing prices for photos, as well as for Colin Baker’s autograph, later this month.

If you want to be there for Spearhead Live 2, you may need to be fast however. There are only a handful of tickets left. Tickets can be bought directly from the Cygnus Apha Events site.



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