Sophie Aldred at MCM Comic Con June 2016 - Photo Credit Daniel Rice
Sophie Aldred at MCM Comic Con June 2016 – Photo Credit Daniel Rice

This spring’s MCM Comic Con was held on 27-29 May at London/s ExCeL Centre. The MCM Comic Con is held twice a year and features anime, science fiction, games, as well as a huge comics village for artists. There are many other exhibitors selling figures, toys, shirts, and collectables. The lineup included actors from the Big Bang Theory, Jesse Eisenberg, Marvel, plenty of panels, Game of Thrones, and cosplay. There were several special guests from the Doctor Who world, such as Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, Warwick Davis, beloved as Porridge, and Hugh Spight, who appeared as the Black Dalek. Blogtor Who was there to speak to them all, including Sophie Aldred, better known as Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy).

Ace was different from the Doctor’s earlier companions. She blew things up and specialised in killing Daleks. Most of the publicity photos of Aldred show Ace with her weapons on hand. Ace may have been young at 16 (although Aldred was 24 at the time) but she was special. Aldred told Blogtor Who that Ace was ‘so delightful, so amazing, what a strong character.’

When asked if Ace ever screamed like other companions, Aldred replied firmly, ‘I refused to scream! And I never did – not even in the Big Finish audios.’

Sophie Aldred at MCM Comic Con June 2016 - Photo Credit Daniel Rice
Sophie Aldred at MCM Comic Con June 2016 – Photo Credit Daniel Rice

Ace and the Seventh Doctor had two seasons together. Aldred’s personal favourite episode of the series was The Curse of Fenric, which she remembers well as a wonderful story combining elements of World War II, vampires, Vikings, and where Ace came from. Even more so, she recalled, ‘We saw the more manipulative side of the Doctor.’

When asked what happened to Ace and the Doctor when they walk off together, Aldred offers a few theories. ‘There are several alternate endings,’ she explains. ‘The comics killed off Ace. But an ending I loved was the idea that Ace went to Gallifrey with the Doctor and really messed with the Time Lords!’

But the real answer, Aldred reflected, might be that ‘Ace stayed with the Doctor until she was an old lady. I think she never left him, and she was not the type to get married. It would be interesting to look at the mortality of humans compared to the Doctor.’

Aldred’s current project is a free audio show called Strangeness in Space, which is currently taping its fourth episode. The show is currently #6 on the iTunes comedy chart and was named in the Guardian’s ‘50 Podcasts You Need to Hear in 2016.’

Aldred will next appear at a comic con in November on Long Island, where she hopes to enjoy some delicious New York bagels and lox.

This year’s MCM Comic Con hosted a record-breaking 133,000 visitors. The next London MCM Comic Con will be held on 28-30 October. See the MCM Comic Con portal  for the upcoming dates in many cities, such as Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester, and Hannover.



  1. Ace and the Seventh Doctor had two seasons together, she joined at the end of Dragonfire in Season 24 and was there until the show was cancelled at the end of Season 26.


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