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Sonic Screwdriver range

Our buddies over at Forbidden Planet have got details of a new range of Sonic Screwdrivers coming out later this month. Celebrate the arrival of Peter Capaldi and say farewell to Matt Smith by looking back at fifty years of Doctor Who with new Sonic Screwdrivers from the Fifth and Eighth Doctors, a new version of the Eleventh Doctor’s and a re-issue of David Tennant’s iconic Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. All feature sound FX! Click on the images above for more details.

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  1. I wonder what the new 11th Doctor sonic is like. Hopefully we will be able to flick it open and activate it both normal and extended from the same button and not the hardly ever used bottom button.

  2. I definitely plan to be getting these Sonics!
    I too wonder what will be different in the new Eleventh Doctor Sonic. Any word on how that will be different from Version One?
    Wouldn't mind not having the button on the bottom either, the red just stood out too much.

    Good to see Fifth & Eight have their Sonics purchasable now.
    Although, who else hopes that they'll release Paul McGann's New Sonic from the Big Finish Audio Plays?


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