The Twelfth Doctor’s time in the TARDIS is coming to an end.  But before he departed from the set of Twice Upon a Time, super fan and radio personality Jo Whiley had exclusive access to the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi.

In the interview, Peter Capaldi discusses the songs that have inspired and informed his incarnation of the Doctor. These are songs he has played on set, and in his trailer to get into the right headspace of the character of his Doctor.

The brilliant and insightful interview also explored the reasoning behind the song choices. The first of these songs revealed by Peter Capaldi was Human by the Killers. He explained the reason for that choice of song.

“I think there’s something otherworldly about that. I’ve never really figured out what the lyrics mean, buts it’s certainly some kind of discourse about human beings. Which an alien could be making.”

The actor went on to divulge the information that he belts out the song on a karaoke machine at home. Other revelations include Capaldi revealing he had a Dalek suit when he was a child. This makes him remember the novelty single I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek.

His next choice of song that helps him get into the role of the Twelfth Doctor was A Strange Kind of Love by Craig Armstrong. The reason behind this choice was “because the Doctor has a weird relationship with human beings and with his companions. And he loves them, but not in a human way.”

Whilst there were insightful choices that really shone a light upon Capaldi’s process of developing the Doctor he did have some other more frivolous choices, including Christmas songs and some more upbeat songs to avoid all his choices being “melancholic miseries”.

You can listen to the programme in full now on BBC I Player by clicking here.





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