Earlier this evening, BBC Four screened Proms on Four: 20th Century Classics which featured “New Music at the Proms”. Included in this show was an excerpt from Song For Fifty – a song celebrating fifty years of Doctor Who from composer Murray Gold. Watch it in the player above. The Doctor Who Proms concert will air on BBC One on Aug 26 at 4pm.


  1. Nope, I don't like it, I know we only got a clip but it's boring and sounds more religious than Doctor Who.
    It should have been an exciting dynamic and bombastic journey through the history of the show.
    If you ask me it time Murray moved on. The show needs to be kept fresh, we've had two show runners, 3 soon to be 4 doctors, 3 console rooms, several companions, producers, titles sequences since the show returned but only one composer. I think we need a fresh ear.

  2. Utterly agreed Mathew Child. I've been waiting for Gold's exit since RTD and Tennant left. He was glorious for, maximum, four years. After that, repetitive overblown fluff. I'd die to hear someone like Bear McCreary's (BSG) take on Doctor Who. But, really anyone new would be more than welcome. This new piece sounds incredibly……there. You know?


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