The BBC have issued promotional pictures for The Sarah Jane Adventures story, written by Gareth Roberts, The Empty Planet – episodes 7 and 8 in Series 4. The images feature Clyde (Daniel Anthony), Rani (Anjli Mohindra), Gavin (Joe Mason), Robots (Ruari Mears and Paul Kasey) – click on them for bigger versions.

Clyde and Rani wake up one day to discover that they are the only survivors of the human race, as the alien-busting adventures series continues. The whole of Earth is empty – even Sarah Jane has vanished. But a deserted London holds terrors of its own. Strange forces lurk in the shadows, as mysterious visitors approach…

Clyde and Rani meet their enemy as the Robots arrive on Earth – but what do they want, and where has the human race gone? It’s a race against time, but without Sarah Jane’s expertise, Clyde and Rani must trust each other like never before if they’re to save the whole world.

The Empty Planet airs
Mon 1 & Tues 2 Nov on CBBC @ 5.15pm
Wed 3 & Thurs 4 Nov on BBC One @ 4.30pm

Thanks to BBC Pictures


  1. Indeed it is.

    Definitely looking forward to this one. Rani's jeans get tighter and tighter, I LOVE IT!!!

    Also it airs on BBC1 on November 4th, not October 4th 😉

  2. How can that first shot be absolutely positively the poppy field outside the Emerald City of Oz, and also the way to the Citadel on Gallifrey? It really does look like both – but I bet it will turn out to be neither!


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