The BBC have issue more promotional pictures from the new David Tennant drama, Single Father – click on the images for bigger versions. The first episode airs in the UK on Sunday at 9pm, BBC One. Read the review HERE and visit the Single Father section for interviews and pictures HERE.

From Episode 1

From Episode 3

From Episode 4


  1. I'm kind of sick of the frequent updates on everything Eccleston, Tennant, and McGann are doing.
    I mean the blog is about Doctor Who, right?
    I understand that this season is always dead in terms of Who news, and I understand being updated on what a Doctor is doing once he's finished his tenure, but I kind of get sick of it all after this much time.
    I can understand how it's the whole "well you liked this actor as the Doctor/this writer in Doctor Who, so here's something else he's doing," but beyond one update I just kind of get sick of it all.

    I mean, whatever. I'm from the United States, so I'm sure I'm just looking at it from an outside perspective.

  2. Well, I'm also from the United States, but I'm actually very thankful for the non-DW updates and reviews here, because without them I almost certainly would not have decided to watch what is now my second-favorite TV show of all time ("Sherlock")!


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