For all the lurvely ‘internationals’ that visit BLOGTOR WHO, here are some of the goodies on the BBC website that accompanied last night’s DOCTOR WHO episode, SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY. First up, it’s THE BIG QUESTION with CATHY T and DAVEY T. Surprisingly, they’re talking about books…

Next up, it’s a clip from STEVE PEMBERTON filming the cast and crew. I hope there’s more of this to come as decent length video diary from this guy would be a topper.

And lastly, here’s one of my favourite moments from last night’s DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL. It’s the gang playing a card game…


  1. I said this earlier and I’ll say it again… Thank you. I really appreciate you posting the extras!

  2. Yup – as one of the lurking internationals, I agree completely with caffeinejunkie. We sooo appreciate all the extras! :o)


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