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Showmasters add ANOTHER Doctor to LFCC! GUESS WHICH ONE!

Showmasters add Peter Davison to LFCC this weekend, making an unprecedented eight Doctors at one event

The first day of London Film & Comic Con 2018 is already over, but Showmasters still aren’t finished announcing guests. In a late addition Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison will now be appearing this Sunday.

This brings to eight the number of Doctors appearing this weekend, including Christopher Eccleston in his first major convention signing appearance. The complete list now stands at

  • Tom Baker – sadly Tom was only appearing on Friday so if you’ve missed him, you’ve missed him
  • Peter Davison – newly announced and appearing on the Sunday only
  • Colin Baker – appearing Saturday and Sunday
  • Paul McGann – appearing Saturday and Sunday
  • Christopher Eccleston – appearing Sunday only
  • Matt Smith – appearing Sunday only
  • Peter Capaldi – appearing Saturday and Sunday
  • David Bradley – appearing Saturday and Sunday

In addition to this mammoth list of Doctors – in fact, all living Doctors bar Sylvester McCoy, David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker (the last of whom is probably a bit busy at the moment working on some little show or other) – there are a number of other Doctor Who figures set to appear.

  • Steven Moffat – Doctor Who showrunner 2010-2017, appearing Sunday only
  • Arthur Darvill – Rory Williams, appearing Sunday only
  • Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith, appearing Saturday only
  • Pearl Mackie – Bill Potts, appearing Saturday and Sunday
  • Bonnie Langford – Mel Bush, appearing Sunday only
  • Ingrid Oliver – Osgood, appearing Saturday and Sunday

Needless to say, with Doctor Who one of those shows that everybody has been in at some point, there’s also a host of guest stars from across the show’s half century who will also be in attendance.

Tickets to the event, as well as photo opportunities and autographs, can be pre-ordered from Showmasters here.


Blogtor Who are also in attendance at the event and will be giving you our review of the weekend in due course!




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