During BBC Radio 4’s ‘Loose Ends’ show on the 24th March 2018, Clive Anderson chatted with a large variety of people including Sharon D Clarke, who is cast in Doctor Who Series 11 and comedian, Lee Mack. Both actors let a few minor details slip about the upcoming series with Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

Under Clive Anderson’s quizzing Clarke revealed an important piece about her role;

“I am a human, and Bradley Walsh is my husband, and he is human. I think that is as much as I can tell you.”

Given this new information, the new TARDIS team could be a family with Bradley Walsh and Sharon D Clarke’s characters as parents to either Ryan [Tosin Cole] or Yasmin [Mandip Gill] or perhaps both. We’ll have to wait till the Autumn to find out. But this wasn’t the only reveal on the radio programme. Lee Mack, who was also a guest on Loose Ends, suggested that he too would appear in Doctor Who. After Sharon D Clarke proclaimed that Mack wouldn’t care about the casting of the show, the well-known comedian alluded to his own secret;

“You couldn’t be any wronger. Not only am I very, very excited about the idea of someone being in Doctor Who. I am also possibly going to be in it as well.”

Mack went on to elaborate;

“Blink and you miss it. It’s just a little thing. I’ve just been a fan all my life. I just harassed them until they gave me a little part in it. I even sent Chris, who runs the show, Chris Chibnall, a video of me getting out of my own TARDIS which I own, with a Dalek, which I own.”

Finally, Sharon D Clarke heaped praise on Jodie Whittaker as excitement builds for her debut series as The Thirteenth Doctor;

“Jodie is phenomenal. She’s just joy, absolute joy. She’s just gonna slay it. And what’s lovely about Jodie is she said that because she always plays these kinds of dour characters, to have someone who’s up and hopeful and fighting crime she is just bouncing around the set. She’s definitely earning those two hearts that the Doctor has.”

Sharon D Clarke will be appearing in ‘Caroline or Change’ in London’s Playhouse Theatre starting from November 20th 2018 and running for 12 weeks. Tickets are on sale now from https://carolineorchange.co.uk. Lee Mack can currently be seen in his long-running  series, Not Going Out, which airs on BBC One Thursdays at 9:00pm.

Doctor Who Series 11, starring Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, will air on BBC One in the UK and around the world later this year.


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