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Shada documentary – World Premiere!

Courtesy of 2|entertain

November 23 will see the world premiere of Chris Chapman’s new documentary Taken Out of Time, which looks back on the making of the 1979 Doctor Who story Shada. It will be screened at a one day event, Visions From Behind The Sofa: Doctor Who, taking place at the University of Hertfordshire – more details HERE.

Courtesy of 2|entertain

Filmed largely on location around the River Cam in Cambridge, Taken Out of Time features interviews with Shada stars Tom Baker and Daniel Hill as well as crew members Ralph Wilton, Les McCullum and Olivia Bazalgette.

The documentary will be included on THE LEGACY BOX, which includes Shada and the documentary More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS, due for release next year from 2|entertain.

Courtesy of 2|entertain

Shada, written by Douglas Adams, was affected by an industrial dispute which led to the story being unfinished. The six~part adventure was to from the Season 17 finale, though footage from the story would eventually be featured in 1983’s The Five Doctors. A novelisation written by Gareth Roberts (Closing Time, The Lodger) will be released next year.

Visions From Behind The Sofa: Doctor Who
1978 Tom Baker school visit footage
Shada novelisation due 2012
Elisabeth Sladen event at the Doctor Who Experience
Dalek audio commentary



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