The latest issue of magazine SFX is out now and not only has a Doctor Who cover (click on the image above for a bigger version) but also features a TARDIS sound effect upon opening. Also included are the results of a poll to discover who the people’s choice is to be the first female Doctor. The top 5 suggestions for the best female Doctor were:

5. Emma Watson
4. Keeley Hawes (No. 1 in Blogtor’s S6 actress wish~list)
3. Emma Thompson
2. Tamsin Greig
1. Helena Bonham-Carter (see her talk about Who HERE)

The full results can be seen online at on Thursday 7th April when the next issue of SFX magazine also goes on sale priced at £4.50.

Thanks to SFX


  1. I fail to understand why Tilda Swinton was not one of the possible choices. She seems to me an obvious choice.

  2. A female doctor would ruin the show for me… Maybe it's just an American thing, but I don't see why people go so crazy about the idea of a female Doctor. It seems wrong to me. It also kind of screws up canon pretty badly.

  3. No lady Doctor Who, please. Just wouldn't be the same and would probably lose viewers.

    A big, no, no.

  4. I can imagine all of those women playing the Doctor:

    Watson: Paul McGann type (pretty)
    Hawes: Matt Smith-ish (thinking out loud, "secret puppet-master")
    Thompson: Peter Davison (Quiet, smart)
    Greig: Christopher Eccleston-y (awkward, outsider, but weirdly likeable)
    Bonham-Carter: Colin Baker (crazy, superior)


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