Set to Stun offers a range of exclusive rewards for backers as it aims to host an exhibition at London’s Gunnery Park & Museum

Gunnery Park & Museum in London are planning a new exhibition in London. Set to Stun will be a celebration of sci-fi film and television design from the 1960s through to today, turning the camera onto the West London creatives who brought it all to life. It will  feature monsters, props and scenes from Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and so much more. They’re also working with some of the creatives who made it happen, including designer Jeremy Bear and model maker Mike Tucker.

David Learner, the voice of Marvin the Paranoid Android involved for an exclusive reading from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! You’ll also find the original Marvin the Paranoid Android costume featured as part of the exhibition. It’s also currently residing in the museum’s permanent gallery if you can’t wait until October.

A wide selection of rewards for backers include exclusive Doctor Who items

The ambitious plan is supported by a crowdfunding campaign through Art Fund. And there’s lots among the rewards to excite fans of Doctor Who. Depending on what you can give to help support Set to Stun, you can choose between

  • £15 – 8 postcards featuring concept art from Doctor Who: The Mutants
  • £25 – Set to Stun tote bag
  • £50 – a print of concept art from The Mutants autographed by designer Jeremy Bear
  • £100 – Sponsor a Dalek by helping fund the restoration of an original prop from Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks and your name will be on the plaque for the exhibit OR receive a signed copy of Who’s There, Jessica Carney’s biography of her grandfather William Hartnell OR a signed copy of Dalek Combat Training Manual by Mike Tucker OR two tickets for a preview showing with Mike Tucker and Jeremy Bear
  • £400 – a small group tour of the exhibition with Mike Tucker and Jeremy Bear
  • £420 – five tickets to a special SF themed escape room event

You can pick your level of support, and your reward at the Set to Stun Art Fund page.

You can also check out this special trailer for the event:


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