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Series 7 finale set in Victorian Scotland?

Two news reports in the Scottish media have hinted that Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 finale, The Name of the Doctor, contains scenes set in Victorian Scotland (though filmed in Cardiff). Actor Rab Affleck, a self-confessed Who~fan and also starred in the Martin Scorsese film, Gangs of New York, spoke to The Irvine Herald and described what he wore for the story:

 “It was similar to the clothes I wore in Gangs of New York, but that’s as much as I am allowed to say”

The article, which you can read HERE, also states:

“The actor could tell us that his scene is filmed in a pub set in Glasgow and he was wearing Victorian-style attire.”

The Daily Record has also reported that 10 year old Samuel Irvine from Cumbernauld has also landed a role in The Name of the Doctor. His mother told the newspaper, Doctor Who had been in touch looking for a Scottish boy to play a part.” Again, these scenes were filmed in Cardiff. Pictured right is his audition to camera for the part, read the full article HERE.

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