The latest issue of Radio Times features an interview with actress Jenna Coleman who answered questions about her future in Doctor Who. She told the magazine:
“I’ve been working too hard. There’s not even time for auditions or
anything. I’m filming till October.”
If this ins indeed the case, then it means Jenna is starring in the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special, which started filming yesterday. With regards to the next series, Series 9, Coleman revealed:
“They start filming in January.”
Now, by using the word “they”, this could mean she isn’t involved. On the other hand, Jenna could be concealing the news as a surprise. The Radio Times is on sale now.


  1. Remember too there is precedent for companions to take some time off, such as Amy and Rory. Or maybe there's some filming planned that doesn't involve her. Or she's just playing with people's minds. Lots of wiggle room. But the headline news here is if "they" start filming in January, that means fall start for Series 9, and Capaldi is coming back because we'd have heard by now if they'd cast a 13th Doctor.

  2. Capaldi said in Doctor Who Magazine that they were already planning for series 9 midway through shooting for series 8. Very much hope this is the case as Capaldi is the best Doctor since Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy.(in his latter 2 years.)


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