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Series 9 new exhibits revealed at the Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff

Doctor Who Experience - Series 9 - Trap Street


The Series 9 props have landed at The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay and they’ve even got a trap street!

Doctor Who Experience – Series 9 – Trap Street

You can now see Davros in his hospital room along with the sinister, serpentine Colony Sarff. Other monsters on display are The Mire (The Girl Who Died), the icky eye-gunk Sandman from Mark Gatiss’s Sleep No More and the terrifying Veil from the sublime Heaven Sent. Grab a shovel, quick!

All 13 episodes from Series 9 are represented at the exhibition, from The Magician’s Apprentice right through to the fabulous River-centric 2015 Christmas special.

The Doctor’s new, dare we say ‘punkier’, costume is on display as well with outfits from Clara, Ashildr and River Song as well as screen used props including the Doctor’s new Sonic screwdriver.

Doctor Who Experience – Series 9 – Darvos Hospital Room

Of course, The Doctor Who Experience also has a wealth of goodies n display from past series, including the Classic series. You can see the Doctor’s TARDIS, no fewer than three TARDIS console sets and a green screen studio area.

The Doctor Who Experience is located right next door to the BBC Roath Lock Studios and TARDIS Studio Set Tours run when the DWE has access to the BBC Wales studios. This is the actual BBC production studio, which is extremely exciting. Visitors can purchase tickets to see the official Doctor Who Experience and then move on to the TARDIS Tour. If you arrive at the time slot on the ticket, you will have enough time for both exhibits. Tickets to the TARDIS Tour include admission to the Doctor Who Experience. Check The Doctor Who Experience website to see when TARDIS Studio Set Tours are available.

Doctor Who Experience – Series 9 – Osgood’s Box

Doctor Who Experience tickets are available from See Tickets, at www.doctorwhoexperience.com or on 0844 801 2279 and by visiting the onsite Box Office at the Doctor Who Experience on the day, subject to availability. Visitors may also wish to purchase a merchandise package with tickets.

Visitors may also wish to purchase a merchandise package with tickets. The package includes items such as shirts, certificates, souvenir tickets, and a companion guide. The Cardiff Bay venue opens at 10:00 and closes at 17:00 each day.

It’s worth noting that this is just a short walk from Roald Dahl Plass, familiar to viewers of Torchwood, and the Millennium Centre, where many episodes of Doctor Who and its spinoffs have been shot. And, of course, you can’t visit Cardiff without a trip to the shrine to Ianto Jones.



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