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Series 8 set to be “incredible”

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (full details HERE) features some news on next year in the world of Doctor Who. In an interview with the new executive producer, Brian Minchin spoke about Series 8:
“A whole new series!
But we certainly won’t be releasing the details of that series right now
in May 2013. Oh dear, that sounds mean! Well, I can tell you that I
have just spent a very happy few days meeting some scarily clever
writers, and we have an incredible set of stories to work on. More
adventures ahead!”

Regarding the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and the 2013 Christmas Special, Minchin said, “My main job now is staring in awe at the 50th Anniversary
Special and wondering ‘How the hell do we follow on from that?! Then,
when I stop gawping and wondering, ‘How did they do that bit, and that
one, and that bit!’ I will start work on the Christmas episode, written
by Steven Moffat himself.”
Brian Minchin took over from Caro Skinner who departed the Doctor Who production team earlier this year – details HERE. Read more about Doctor Who Series 8 HERE.
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  1. Are you sure Minchin isn't reading some coached stuff from Steven Moffat? I could have sworn I read a very similar comment from Carol Skinner about the 50th anniversary episode too… 😀


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