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Series 7 Part 2 – New Footage

The BBC have released a trail showcasing their 2013 output and in it includes some new footage from Doctor Who Series 7, Part 2 – watch it in the player below. The series starts in April, read the Blogtor Who Guide HERE

The Snowmen at the Doctor Who Experience

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  1. @Anon (1st) – My guess (not based on spoilers at all, I know nothing) is that the Doctor takes 'present-day' Clara to her Victorian era's counterpart's time to see if it jogs any memories, since she's clearly the same person living a different life. I suppose this will be in a Count Scarlioni kind of way? One being existing in several different timestreams in several different lives.

  2. The Doctor clearly seems quite smitten with Clara. I don't mind (unlike some fans!) but I'm curious to see what River Song has to say about it (unless, of course, all this is taking place post-"Last Night" mini-sode for the Doctor…)


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