As you may know, some new information regarding Series 7 emerged over the weekend at the Official Doctor Who Convention – collected below are some nuggets about this year’s episodes. WARNING! Some may consider these as “spoilers” (but, they’re not really).

• The read~through for Episodes 1 and 5 took place on Friday. These will be directed by Nick Hurran (The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex) and are written by Steven Moffat.

• Episode 5, which sees the end of The Ponds and the return of the Weeping Angels, will be filmed in New York.

• Episode 1 features Daleks.

• Currently, the plan is to screen Series 7 continuously, ie. without a break and running over the Christmas period from 2012 into 2013.

• A 3D episode is not out of the question in the future, according to executive producer Caro Skinner.

• A new script editor has started on the show this week. (Forgot his name, sorry!)

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