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Series 7 finale – The Name Of The Doctor

The BBC has revealed the title of the Doctor Who Series 7 finale – it is The Name of the Doctor. Included above is the movie poster style artwork for the story – click on them for bigger versions. The episode, written by Steven Moffat and starring Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Alex Kingston, airs in the UK and North America on May 18 and on the following day in Australia, Poland and South Africa. Here’s a synopsis for the story:

“Someone is kidnapping the Doctor’s friends, leading him towards the one
place in all of time and space that he should never go.”

Take a look at
The Whispermen from the finale HERE.

Check out the Series 7 Guide HERE.

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  1. It always look like Moffat is intent on ending the series. How can the series continue if we know his name. It is the whole basis of the show that we don't know it Doctor Who? Not Doctor That's my Name!

  2. I love how people are panicking. Remember the Doctor's name was also a major plot point in the first River Song story … but we never actually heard it.

  3. I'm not so sure knowing his name would be the end of anything…what if his name just leads to more questions…say it's something that refers to something else, or is just as vague e.g. "The Other"?

    Wouldn't he still be a mystery to anyone he chanced upon during his travels, even if his name was revealed on Trenzalore to a few people, and us the viewers?

    Either way, I'm excited to find out what his name is, but equally cautious knowing that we'll almost certainly not get to hear it going by past experience!

  4. "leading him towards the one place in all of time and space that he should never go"

    where is that going to be?

    I think either his soul or his own past. Ilike the second one because that is something he must never do as the Time Lords said in the three Doctors.

    PLEASE Moffat PLEASE dont ruin it PLEASE

  5. Hmm I prefer not to panic until it happens. Just because it's the episodes title doesn't mean it will be revealed, only that the subject of his name is the main storyline.

  6. Part of what make Doctor Who is in the title itself Doctor "Who?" If Moffat has the arrogance to this he will go down in history as the worse show runner ever. He has begun this already in things a Statue of Liberty weeping angel "seriously?" and his arrogance has also been on display in saying that Russell T Davis will never write an episode as long as he's in charge. Even though Moffatt wrote several while RTD was show runner. This man is starting to disgust me. Arrogant Hypocritical Self Important its doesn't bode ell for the 50th Anniversary. I seriously think Michael Grade was less destructive to the show. Bring back RTD.

  7. Of course they're not revealing his name, that is so obvious…

    @William Hanifan, Moffat always said that he called Russel T Davis a thousand of times to write and Russel never wanted to and you can find that in a lot of websites including this one…

  8. I've got a theory that The Doctor will go to Gallifrey, and he'll discover that Clara is his regenerated wife who somehow escaped the time lock and developed amnesia, and that would explain the upcoming love triangle between them and River. Two wives in the Tardis…oh my.

    I'm probably wrong, but kind of a cool idea.

  9. William Hanifan. Moffat has said in more than one interview, that he has asked Russell T Davis to write scripts, but Russell has declined the offer again and again. Therefor I can not se how it can be arrogance from Moffats side. Care to explain?

  10. William,

    What was your source for Steven Moffat not wanting RTD to write an episode under him? In a video interview somewhere on this very site, he said the exact opposite!! He keeps trying to get him to write one, but he refuses! He then went on to say how great he thinks RTD is…

    Maybe Steven Moffat isn't all bad then?

  11. William, if you're finished hyperbolizing, Moffat never said RTD couldn't write for him. To the contrary, he tried to get him to write, but RTD himself decided not to. Not surprising, given that he had just been running the show for 5 years. I think he earned a break. Nice projecting with the "arrogance" thing too. Do you know the man? Thought not.

  12. Don't be ridiculous! Moffat has never said any such thing about RTD. In fact, only recently he has said he would LOVE for RTD to write for Doctor Who again. Where do people get this stuff from??? And if you seriously think Moffat is going to reveal the Doctor's actual name, I suggest you buy a few new brain cells from somewhere. The only arrogance around here seems to be from 'fans' who think they know so much!

  13. Not going to lie, i dont know why everyone is bitching about the name revealing. They probably wont do it, but if they do, so what? i mean all through-out the past there has always been references to Doctor Who? and it being a secret. Its hinted plenty during McCoy's era, however it IS the 50th anniversary! they need to do something big, take it in a new direction to keep it fresh, The Doctor is still "The Doctor" nothing will change that. They say that when in a situation where there is a extensive claim, there needs to be an extensive and overwhelming evidence. This sort of works on the show as well, it needs a BIG jump especailly after 50 years. But there is still so much to do 🙂 i would LOVE to see the "456" come into Doctor Who and for The Doctor to actually explain who they really are etc.

  14. I the trailer where it shows the gravestone and the 'new monsters' you see the letters 'ONG' on the stone, you cannot see the rest due too the monsters head, ONG, river?? My theory is that this is the doctors gravestone, why? Because he called Rory and Amy ponds, not Williams' he said that's how it worked, so maybe he took rivers surname when they was married and this gravestone is in fact the doctors? Just a theory


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