The BBC have announced that actors Richard E Grant (pictured above right) and Tom Ward (left) will be joining Doctor Who for this year’s Christmas Special. Grant is known for his iconic appearance in Withnail and I as well as starring as The Doctor in Scream of the Shalka and The Curse of Fatal Death whilst Ward is best known for his role in the BBC series, Silent Witness. Read the Series 7 Guide HERE.

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  1. A good actor when he puts his mind to it (clearly he didn't bother for 'Scream'). Is he any more 'iconic' than Diana Rigg? I'm not sure that the pre-amble to his announcement wasn't a little OTT; I thought we were going to get Paul Newman, Harrison Ford or maybe a re-incarnated Larry Olivier. Under-promise and over-deliver, not the other way round. Anyway, Andy Pryor knows his stuff and Grant will be stellar no doubt.

  2. Yes a good actor but let's hope that he (and Tom Ward) are at least each given a decent part. After last year's Christmas blink and you'd miss them appearances by Bill Bailey and Arabella Weir, hope the hype for once is actually fulfilled. On second thoughts maybe after Bill and Arabella read the script or saw the first rough cut, they were happy to have less prominent roles!


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