Collected here are some bits of info on the Christmas Special and Series 6/7 from the In~Vision Commentaries on The Complete Fifth Series box set – read about the set HERE. The news comes from Steven Moffat on the The Eleventh Hour and Flesh & Stone commentaries.

“I’ve just written into the Christmas special a speech where he [The Doctor] talks about the fact that he doesn’t have a hat.”

“You might think, for instance, that there are things that live inside clouds. I’m just saying that, kids, as a little nod to the future there.”

Moffat has also dismissed the “rumours” that Amy Pond and River Song are the same person and that River Song is The Doctor’s mother.


  1. I've had the notion for a while that River is actually Iris Wildthyme
    "Another characteristic of Iris's interactions with the Doctor is her tendency to encounter him 'out of sequence'. For example, her adventure with the Doctor's fifth incarnation (BFA: Excelis Dawns) occurs later in her life than her first adventure with his eighth (EDA: The Scarlet Empress). It has been suggested that her very nature makes it impossible to tie her to a linear chronology. (DWM: DWM Issue 289)"

  2. You may be partially right, sarreq. My guess is River is not unlike the destruction of Gallifrey – she's a part of the television WHO inspired by/loosely based on elements introduced in the expanded universe, but not exactly the same. Just as Davies "borrowed" the whole destruction of Gallifrey bit for his new series without actually tying it in to the novels, I'd be willing to bet Moffatt looked at Iris and said, "Hey, there's a neat idea for the TV show", and then made it entirely his own.


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