The opening two~parter of Series 6 is almost upon us and the titles have been revealed by various sources invited to the screening of the episodes (*coughs*), they are:

The Impossible Astronaut
Day of the Moon

Currently, the UK broadcast is not confirmed, though April 23 is the most likely date (also being favoured by BBC America). The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (on sale now) revealed that Episode 11 is called The God Complex – it’s written by Toby Whithouse (Vampires of Venice) and stars David Walliams.


  1. The titles THE IMPOSSIBLE ASTRONAUT and DAY OF THE MOON reminded me instantly of Justin Richards' 11th Doctor novel APOLLO 23. Well, actually they initially brought to mind THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH, but I digress… Though it's unlikely these episodes are a loose adapatation of a recent novel without any mention of that in the press thus far (or any credit given to Richards), it's not entirely out of the question. In any case, can't wait!


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