Silva Screen have announced, via Twitter, that the soundtrack to Doctor Who: Series 6, composed by Murray Gold, will be released as a two~disc set on Dec 5, 2011. More news and details as and when we get it.

ETA: You can see the actual finished cover over at Silva Screen HERE. Not bad.

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  1. And in my eagerness to find out whether it was the real cover or not, I forgot to mention how much I am looking forward to this release! Murray Gold's music is always fantastic, and with double the amount across two discs, it's even better 🙂

  2. Funny, I made a mock-up of the cover art on my YouTube channel – TheManWithNoUsrName – that looks almost identical. We certainly approached it with the same idea in mind…! Look up 'Doctor Who: Series 6 Soundtrack Announcement' if you'd like to take a look at my version… and download it!

  3. Hey The Man With No Username, nice to read from you here. I enjoy your channel a lot, especially the full albums I can enjoy at work^^

  4. @tw-31988
    I don't think there's even been a single word uttered officially about any TW Miracle Day OST.

    Although, to be honest, it would be the very first Whoniverse soundtrack that I wouldn't bother buying, since it's music was 99% not as good as Series 1-3, which is a massive shame and is also very strange since it was composed by Murray Gold, who we all know is an absolutely fantastic composer.

    Miracle Day had too many random guitars and (for me at least) pretty much zero actual recognisable themes for characters, whereas Series 1-3 was very very very different.


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