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Series 6, Part 2 Trailer

The BBC have issued a new trailer for Doctor Who Series 6, Part 2 – see it in the player above. The first episode, Let’s Kill Hitler, is due to air on BBC One and BBC America on 27 Aug. Those of you outside the UK can see it in the player below.

Series 6, Part 2 – launch date
Matt Smith & Karen Gillan Comic-Con 2011 interview
Series 6 Finale Set Report [SPOILERS]
“Time Runs Out” teaser
“Let’s Kill Hitler” – BFI screening


  1. The iPlayer trailer works in Australia.

    Which means either they turned off the region lockout, or my IP is "weird".

    I never understood why they region lock trailers, anyway.

  2. Hallways, motorcycles, top hats, 11, Churchill, Corden, Gollum, Eye Patch McGoo, Cybermen, reflective eyes, aged Amy, Hitler's alive, more Corden, Alice in Wonderland scenery, Star Trek sets, crashing Tardises, Eye Patch McGoo disguised as River Song, skulls, Steve Silent (Or was that Jimmy?), more Cybermen, Weeping Angels, creepy dolls, ventriloquist dummies, Portal turrets, eye-patched Vikings?, Minotaurs, Silent blasting, Minotaur vs. Rory, window jumping, teleportation, Rory: 1 Nazis: 0, Amy and the cyborgs, Gollum again?, Rory and the cyborgs, the Silents! (again), someone gets vaporized, sucked through the closet, really long hallways, Cybermen exploding… And more astronaut action?



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