18/10/2010 20:32

Filming on Series 6 of Doctor Who continues on Cardiff. Spotted on set last night were Alex Kingston (River Song) and guest star Mark Sheppard (Canton Everett Delaware III). The above pic comes courtesy of the lurvely Alun Vega – see more of his onset pix HERE.


  1. Why do I see a repeat of the opening of the time of angels? "I won't be there to catch you every time you decide to jump out an airlock" "and you are so wrong"

  2. Its clearly not The Time of Angels because River wore a different dress and the men were different… It looks simlar though, and the Doctor did say "I'm not your taxi service. I won't be there to catch you everytime you decide to jump out of an airlock" to which River replies "You are so wrong". So thats possibly what we're going to see here.

  3. I'm a big fan of Mark A Sheppard. While he might be a bit of a journeyman actor, he usually raises the bar in everything he does, and if these are the first two episodes of the series, I'm now gagging for spring to roll up!


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