The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out in the UK tomorrow numbered 433, includes some new titles for the upcoming series including some replacements for titles previously announced. They are:

Episode 3: The Curse of the Black Spot
Episode 4: The Doctor’s Wife
Episode 6: The Almost People (formerly Gangers)
Episode 7: A Good Man Goes To War (formerly Demon’s Run)

Currently the Mark Gatiss episode, number 9 at the moment, is titled What Are Little Boys Made Of? This is subject to change of course. Episode 11, as already announced, is The God Complex by Toby Whithouse and stars David Walliams. The magazine also features a full episode preview of The Impossible Astronaut and an interview with Steven Moffat along with much, much more! You can follow DWM on Twitter HERE.

DWM #433 is out April 7, priced £4.50
and is available from all good newsagents


  1. Whilst you have had a pop at the Daily Mail for inaccurate reporting, it seems that karma has already had it's own back, as you say that DWM is out tomorrow, but then later go on to say it is out on the 14th.

  2. That's weird, "What Are Little Girls Made Of" is the name of a Star Trek episode in the original series.(I shouldn't know that… I should not know that. Why do I know that?)

  3. I seem to remember Mark Gatiss wanting to call his episode "Night Terrors" or something just about as good. in any case, "What Are Little Boys Made Of?" is almost certainly not going to be the title. I wonder when he'll get around to being decisive.


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