By this point I’m sure you have all checked out the brand new trailer for Doctor Who’s impending new Series 11. If not, the SDCC Trailer is below. Enjoy.

So what conclusions can we reach about the promotional strategy thus far?

Following swiftly after the teaser broadcast during the World Cup Final, this 37 second trailer certainly provides far more for us to sink our teeth into. The footage all appears to be from the upcoming Series 11. It is obviously all very exciting to see previously unseen footage rather than a specially made teaser. But once again it doesn’t really give too much away.

Cards Close to the Chest

Incoming head honcho Chris Chibnall has very deliberately operated a policy of secrecy for Series 11. Information has been very scarce and Chibnall must be given huge congratulations for achieving almost total silence. This has created an air of mystery and intense anticipation. When material is released the excitement is palpable. Such is the fervent craving to see Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, built up over months and months, that this trailer fails to quench the collective appetite. The reality is that after so long since ‘Twice Upon a Time’ viewers want to see the new series yesterday. Such is our ability to obtain so much on demand that it is difficult to quench that desire. Yes it would be lovely to see some of the monsters, for instance. However, Chris Chibnall is currently executing a masterclass in creating tangible anticipation for Series 11.

New Doctor focus

‘The Chibnall Master Plan’ puts the Thirteenth Doctor front and centre. There is no doubt that the new Doctor is the focus. Her friends are also seen but largely it is all about the new incarnation of the Time Lord. All the promotional material thus far is, quite rightly, fronted by Jodie Whittaker. She is the embodiment of this new era for Doctor Who. Understandably the new Doctor occupies the first and final frames of the trailer. Whittaker’s recognisable accent is also the only dialogue heard.

“So if I asked really, really nicely, would you be my new best friends?”

Her plea is likely from the first episode of the series for her new group of friends. But it is also directed at the audience watching the SDCC Trailer. It is a deliberate move inviting potential viewers along for new adventures. This invitation will hopefully be heeded by a wide audience including some of those wary of change. The sentiment also neatly matches the inclusive intentions of which Chibnall has spoken of whilst in San Diego. All are being invited into this new Doctor Who of Series 11.

Doctor Who will return later this year with Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor.


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