New movie Secrets of a Wallaby Boy, currently crowdfunding through Greenlit, stars Colin Baker as a sinister AI

Secrets of a Wallaby Boy is a new independent film currently in pre-production from Weird Rainbow Films. The film is an LGBT update of classic British sex comedies like Confessions of a Window Cleaner. Brendan McCaffery stars in Secrets of a Wallaby Boy as Tim, a new recruit for the Wallaby courier service. Completely unskilled and undisciplined, Tim’s more interested in using his new job for hapless attempts to seduce his clients. But soon he blunders into a sinister conspiracy involving Wallaby’s central computer Bruce (Doctor Who’s Colin Baker).

Colin Baker, who played the Sixth Doctor on television from 1984 to 1986, gives voice to Bruce, Wallaby’s cartoon mascot. But Bruce’s capabilities have been steadily increased over time, and the AI is longer just an advertising gimmick but the company CEO. Under Bruce’s control Wallaby has conquered the business world. But what the computer has planned next will send Tim on the adventure of his life.


Secrets of a Wallaby Boy co-stars Mark Benton and is due to start filming this Spring

Kieron Moore, who previously worked on Doctor Who Adventures magazine before becoming a director with films like Spectrum, writes and directs Secrets of a Wallaby Boy. It also co-stars Mark Benton, who played Clive in Rose, as Tim’s dad Roland.

Baker has already recorded his part as Bruce, with Moore saying “I’m absolutely thrilled to bring Colin Baker on board as the voice of Bruce. We had a great time recording with him – his hilarious performance had the team all laughing and we can’t wait to share it with all of you as part of the movie.”

Brendan McCaffery is also full of praise for his virtual co-star. “Words cannot describe my feelings on Colin being cast as Bruce,” he says. “I’m incredibly excited to work with him. He’s been a favourite actor of mine for many many years, as anyone that knows me will tell you.

“To be working with someone of his calibre is incredible, and especially on a project such as Secrets of a Wallaby Boy. I just know that this bonkers project just got crazier and I expect you all to love every single second.”


Secrets of a Wallaby Boy is currently crowdfunding via Greenlit, with a target to begin filming in Spring 2022.


  1. Thanks for the great article Peter! It’s certainly going to be a helluva film, also its Brandon McCaffrey not Brendan McCaffery


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