Teeny Tiny, Timey Wimey spoilers!  More praise than spoilers.  But if you haven’t seen the episode wait until later. 




The Christmas Special has just aired in the UK, and we have now met our new Doctor. From everything we’ve seen our Yorkshire Thirteen is going to be just brilliant!!  Besides how can I resist a Doctor that uses my own catchphrase!!

And may I say, the episode was brilliant.  A perfect send-off for Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat.  It was Mark Gatiss at his best and indeed his most touching.  He shone as the Captain.  It was a delight to see Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas back, and direction by Rachel Talalay was heartwarming and touching.  Don’t forget to pay attention to Murray Gold’s score. There are some old favourites that are revisited.

Steven Moffat wrote an emotional and heart-rending story that honoured Peter Capaldi’s legacy.  It is his best Christmas special.  Peter Capaldi broke our hearts throughout but especially during his last speech.  We don’t want him to go.  

When you finished watching the show, there is an excellent interview with Christel Dee and Steven Moffat on the Doctor Who Fan Show.  She interviews Mark Gatiss and David Bradley as well, but it is the Moffat/Dee discussion that stands out.  Enjoy!!

But it is the holiday season and we at Blogtor Who would like to wish all our fans and followers a joyous festive season.  To the Cast and Crew of Doctor Who, especially those who are moving on, we thank you for the great ride.

In the words of the Doctor:

Remember, hate is always foolish, and love is always wise.

The Very Best of the Holiday Season

From Blogtor Who.

Now back to my wine glass!!


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