Debuting on Netflix today, July 20th, is a new series titled ‘Amazing Interiors’. Featured in that series is The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi which has a big Doctor Who influence. BlogtorWho can also reveal the official opening date of this new attraction.

Amazing Interiors, a Netflix Original, takes viewers inside some incredible buildings. Although the exterior may seem traditional or even mundane, inside is a very different story. From backyard rollercoasters to an indoor aquarium, anything is possible with these Amazing Interiors. This includes The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi located in the village of Allendale in Northumberland. Opening later this year, fans can get a sneak peak of this new attraction thanks to Netflix, including a glimpse at some of the Doctor Who artefacts.

The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi is included in Episode 3 of ‘Amazing Interiors‘. During the episode we see Neil Cole, Creator of The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi, his father-in-law and the rest of the family attempt to get the Museum up and running. Monsters in the cellar of a Georgian Townhouse is a fantastic idea. But, as the show goes to prove, it is easier said than done. It has taken a huge amount of effort to renovate the cellar, let alone to install a science fiction museum inside!

Focus is given to the restoration of the Terileptil from ‘The Visitation’ and an intricate fibreglass panel. Other artefacts are also seen including multiple Daleks, a Cyberman and so much more. For the purpose of the show, Neil was set the task of completing the opening section of the Museum. Since filming concluded, work has continued with even more items being restored for display. In 3 months time The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi will formally and fully open to the public. BlogtorWho will be providing a preview as the opening day rapidly approaches.

The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi will officially open to the public on 20th October 2018. For more details on the Museum check out the official Facebook page and Amazing Interiors can be found on Netflix.


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