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SARAH JANE ADVENTURES – Casting News & Spoilers

You have been warned – SPOILERS ahead! Filming is currently happening on THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES and the following has been confirmed:
NICHOLAS COURTNEY is on set reprising his role as THE BRIGADIER from DOCTOR WHO.

• The SONTARANS (or at least one is) are back in this story

• There is also the return of MRS WORMWOOD, as played by SAMANTHA BOND, first seen in INVASION OF THE BANE.

Thanks to Scooty on the DOCTOR WHO FORUM for the pics.

• In slightly older news it would appear that the JACKSON family will not appear in every episode. According to his website, JOSEPH MILLSON, who plays Alan, says they have filmed only two episodes for the series. These will be the first two to be shown.




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